Best Anti-Vibration Gloves To Buy 2022 (Buying Guide)

Anti-vibration gloves have been considered a boon for industrial, construction, mining workers, and racers and other home users.

They are a specially-crafted type of gloves that lowers the effect of vibrations, produced by heavy machinery and home equipment, on the wearer’s hands. This has helped reduce the number of Vibration White Finger (VWF) or Hand–Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) affected individuals throughout the world.

Anti-vibration gloves are made using materials such as flexible gel, foam, or additional layers of a vibration-damper viscoelastic urethane polymer, and even with an array of air bladder layered inside the gloves, all focused on dampening the vibrations. The following are the 10 best Anti-Vibration gloves available in the market.

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VGO High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove

  • VGO High Dexterity gloves are the ideal protective equipment for power tools, motorcycling, and other related outdoor activities, construction, DIY heavy-duty, and tactical works. Made of synthetic leather, they are powerful and durable and offer full protection to the users.
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Superior S10VIB Vibrastop Nylon Anti Vibration Full Finger String Knit Glove

  • Superior S10VIB gloves are one of the best anti-vibrational gloves specially designed for heavy vibrational tools such as pneumatic drills. The wrists are made of elastic material and are knitted to provide the wearer support and snug fit. 
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Ironclad Exo-MIG-02-S Motor Impact Gloves

  • Ironclad impact gloves, made of synthetic leather and polyester, have various features that have made the anti-vibration gloves popular among multiple users. The product promises maximum durability and longevity.
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Seibertron HIGH-VIS HRC5 Rigger Gloves

  • Seibertron HIGH-VIS gloves are one such pair of gloves that look as if they are built for some heavy-duty work. They are one of the high-quality protective gloves available in the market. It has high dexterity and is extremely durable and thus is a favorite among industrial workers.
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Intra-FIT Professional Anti-Vibration Gloves

  • Intra-FIT gloves have earned a place for themselves in the Anti-Vibration gloves industry due to their quality and performance. Though a tad expensive, these gloves are known to provide excellent protection in the field.
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Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Anti-Vibration Gloves

  • Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 gloves are different from the rest in terms of looks, features, and quality. This is one such pair of gloves that provides the maximum anti-vibration protection and is of top-notch quality.
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HANDLANDY CR624 Anti-Vibration Mechanical Work Gloves

  • HANDLANDY Mechanical Work gloves are a sight to behold. Made majorly using synthetic fibers and spandex, it looks like a high-tech designed glove and provides maximum protection from vibrations due to its diverse and proven features.
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Kolumb Durable Padded Anti-Vibration Gloves

  • Kolumb Durable Padded gloves are one of the leading Anti-vibration padded gloves in the market. This is attributed to the fact that it offers excellent protection by using one of the most trusted anti-vibration systems: 4mm Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).
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Youngstown Glove 03-3200-78-L Anti-Vibe XT Performance Glove 

  • Youngstown gloves are multi-purpose gloves with excellent anti-vibration properties. Made mainly of Nylon and Rubber, Youngstown glove is a heavy-duty performance glove best suited for works involving vibrations and shocks.
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Etglove Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove

  • Etglove gloves have been designed and crafted after Bumblebee of Transformers fame. It is stylish, aesthetic, and of good quality, and is a heavy-duty mechanic glove that protects against vibrations and other damages to the hand while operating heavy machinery.
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10 Best Anti-Vibration Gloves

1. VGO High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  • Its various features include Impact and Vibration Reduction using 3D-structured PVC patches on the back of the gloves for excellent impact protection with high dexterity EVA padding offering stereoscopic vibration

Velcro is at the wrist for a better fit; 180 degree Covered Fingertips with 3D Cutting to ensure breathability, flexibility, and comfort; Synthetic Leather for Touchscreen Compatibility at thumb and index fingertips for using smartphones without removing the gloves and Sweat Absorption so that the hands stay dry always. The product is also machine washable, making it safe for rough use. 

The fingertips are dual-layered with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for abrasion resistance. PVC is also present in the backguard to reduce the impact of using machinery. The palm is made of synthetic leather and is filled with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and PVC padding to reduce vibrations and resist abrasion. One of the main underlying advantages of this product over others, as per the reviews in Amazon, is that the seams hold up irrespective of the work, not always seen in other gloves. However, there are reports of the glove being less compatible with the touchscreen when wet. 

2. Superior S10VIB Vibrastop Nylon Anti Vibration Full Finger String Knit Glove

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  • Made of Nylon with 7-gauge thickness, these full-finger anti-vibrational gloves are padded with a polymer called chloroprene coated to the palms to dampen the vibrations.

Another main feature of this glove is that it is seamless and thus offers complete closure. The product can also be machine washed. Having an ergonomic design, this anti-vibration glove is lightweight and breathable, offering the wearer protection and comfort.

It is because of the above features that these anti-vibration gloves are widely used in extremely high temperatures. However, some users complain that the paddings are thickening than usual, making them more effort than what is typically required. Another disadvantage to this product is that it is not waterproof. Nevertheless, it is still among one of the most preferred anti-vibration gloves as it doesn’t crack or become brittle with use. 

3. Ironclad Exo-MIG-02-S Motor Impact Gloves

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  •  The gloves have thermoplastic rubber on the back of the hand that protects the knuckles and metacarpals from impacts and vibrations. Unlike other gloves, these gloves are not bulky in size or feel.

Its various other unique features include a Thermoplastic Hook and Loop Closure for a snug fit, ventilated 3D mesh for breathability and comfort, Open cell memory foam pads on the palms to absorb impact and vibration with Exo embossed for extra grip and extended support, and Terry cloth located on the back of the thumbs for wiping sweat away effectively. 

The gloves can be worn fast because of the Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Cuff Puller. It allows the wearer to utilize the least time for donning the gloves. However, the gloves are not waterproof and cut resistant. Ironclad’s alphabetic sizing is more extensive than most brands, and the users have to be careful about taking the right measurements before purchasing one. 

4. Seibertron HIGH-VIS HRC5 Rigger Gloves

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  • Made of certified cut-resistant material with Durable rope channel reinforcement, these anti-vibration gloves are more durable than other gloves made of natural, synthetic leather.

Its other features include Silicon-fused palm for gripping any kinds of surfaces, HIGH-VIS Metacarpal and Knuckle protection for impact absorption, Cuff puller to put on the gloves fast, Reflective tape on the wrist, Extended neoprene on palm and hands, and One-Piece Palm with dual Kevlar cut-resistant threads stitching for better abrasion resistance and longevity.  

Being oil proof, this product is used not just in the construction industry, but also extensively in the Oil and Gas drilling industry. Its reflective tape and bright colors offer high visibility at all times of the day. However, these gloves are not water-resistant.

5. Intra-FIT Professional Anti-Vibration Gloves

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  •  Made majorly of polyurethane, this anti-vibration gloves have special anti-vibration thicken pad reinforcement on the palm till the fingertips to provide sufficient protection against vibrations and abrasions.

The palm contains top-quality PU offering high dexterity and grip. The Velcro cuff makes the gloves fit perfectly to the users’ hands while the breathable spandex fabric provides extra comfort.

Intra-FIT gloves have neoprene on the wrists, which are elastic, waterproof, and can preserve heat. The lycra material on the sides of the finger ae wrinkle-resistant and stretches so that the gloves do not feel tight to the wearers. The gloves are puncture, tear, and blade-cut resistance, making them useful on a large scale. The only disadvantage of these gloves is that they are smaller than the advertised sizes, and the users have to be careful to take the correct measurements before purchasing them.

6. Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Anti-Vibration Gloves

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  •  Made of pigskin and patented polymer technology, the exterior is made of 7-gauge cotton/nylon seamless knit to be lightweight and provide maximum comfort and breathability.

This pair of gloves are heavily padded with a chloroprene rubber pad on the inside for maximum protection. 

The pre-curved design ensures flexibility of the gloves, and the cut-resistance makes it more durable. However, the thickness of the insides has proven a challenge for picking up small objects. With the knit exterior, many users have complained it needs more coverage. Irrespective of these drawbacks, these gloves are preferred by users who rely solely on it for their high anti-vibrational properties.

7. HANDLANDY CR624 Anti-Vibration Mechanical Work Gloves

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  •  Its palm and inner fingers are padded with 5mm SBR to absorb the vibrations. The entire back of the hand is protected by 5mm Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR).

It protects the side from any impacts and has breathable knitting mesh under it for comfort and breathability. The Secure Wrist Closure feature gives an adjustable wrist strap for a better fit. The Reinforced Saddle provides extra protection between the thumb and forefinger. 

Unlike other gloves, HANDLANDY gloves do not have any size issues and aren’t bulky. They excel in their looks and have been said to be long-lasting as per the reviews from different customers. These gloves are also cost-effective when compared to other gloves with similar features.  

8. Kolumb Durable Padded Anti-Vibration Gloves

10 best Anti-Vibration gloves


  • Made of synthetic leather and spandex on the back, these gloves are cushioned with EVA to protect the wearers from vibrations and shocks produced while operating heavy machinery.

The synthetic leather is present all around the palm and fingers. Its other feature includes Durable Double Construction, which means stable synthetic leather patches are present on the gloves to ensure firm grip and protection against cuts and tears; Touch Screen Tip on the ring finger of the glove to provide easy access to any touch screen device without removing the gloves and the High Stretch Spandex Material and the Pre-curved design make the gloves easy to put on. It not only gives a snug fit to the user but also makes the gloves comfortable to wear.

The glove is not insulated, and because of that can’t be used in cold climates. The fingertips are not fully reinforced, which might cause discomfort to some users. Despite these drawbacks, Kolumb Durable Padded Anti-Vibration gloves are still preferred by many users.  

9. Youngstown Glove 03-3200-78-L Anti-Vibe XT Performance Glove 

10 best anti-vibration gloves


  •  It has various features such as 5mm EVA foam padding on the palm and thumb to reduce impact and vibrations, exterior knuckle protection, and terry cloth on the top of the thumb to wipe away sweat.

One of the unique features this glove has is the 360-degree wrist wrap, which helps to adjust the gloves to the hand firmly.    

The glove is machine dryable, and that, along with its ability to last long, has made it a hit among various users. As it contains double stitches, its durability is not a question mark. This is one such product that has mixed reviews from users. While some complement on the anti-vibrational performance, some criticize it as not enough for heavy machinery. Though the 360-degree wrist wrap is a unique feature, not everyone has enjoyed it as it makes the hand hot and uncomfortable. There are issues with the sizes as well. However, as this is a multifunctional glove, it still has many takers in the market. 

10. Etglove Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove

best anti-vibration gloves


  • It has 5mm Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) knuckles and fingerguards, and palm padding to protect all parts of the wearer’s hands. Its Watch cut out wrist design provides comfort and a snug fit for the wearer.

The inside palm and fingers are protected by SBR inner paddings, which has anti-vibration and anti-impact properties. The inside of the thumb is of Reinforced Saddle, which provides a better grip and extra protection between the thumb and forefinger. There is Breathable Knitting mesh under the TPR guards for comfort and extra safety. The wrists have Adjustable Wrist design for making the gloves fit better to the wearer’s hands.

Overall, these gloves are a hit among users for their design, style, durability, and dexterity. However, the gloves seem bulky for some customers, making it difficult to pick up small objects with it. Potential users have to take the correct measurements of their hands before purchasing one.

Buying Guide For The Best Anti-Vibration Gloves

What all factors have to be looked into while buying a pair of Anti-Vibration gloves

The matter is not over after the gloves have been listed out. All the contributing factors that have to be taken into consideration before choosing the best anti-vibration gloves must be carefully analysed. As anti-vibration gloves come in different styles with unique features, some factors would help the users pick one that suits their needs.

  • Material- Of all the factors that have to be considered, the material is perhaps the most important. Anti-vibration gloves are made of Synthetic Leather, Rubber, Nylon, Polypyrene, PVC, TPR, EVA, Spandex, and so on in various propositions having its level of anti-vibrational properties, dexterity, longevity, etc. Without having the right material, an anti-vibrational glove can never be utilized effectively. It is always preferred to choose gloves made of materials that resonate with the usage and other contributing factors like duration, weather, etc.
  • Design and Padding- From ergonomically shaped design to pre-curved design, each anti-vibration glove has its unique design, which constitutes the gloves’ framework. In terms of covering, there are also fully covered gloves as well as open gloves. It is always preferred to use fully covered gloves in any design as per convenience as it gives the most protection against vibrations. The thickness of the padding required, as well as the positions, also depends on the design as well as the usage. The best-padded gloves would have paddings from the palm to the fingertips and thick enough to use heavy machinery. Some gloves allow users to operate touch screen devices while wearing gloves. While these designs have flaws in strength and durability, they are sometimes equally important to some.
  • Strength, Durability, and Breathability- All these three factors are inter-related to each other on different levels. Instead of going for cheap alternatives, it always preferred to buy gloves that contain materials that promote strength, durability, and breathability. The quality of the materials used spells out how strong, durable, and breathable the gloves are. It is always essential to buy gloves that are strong and does not produce any wear and tear upon rough use. This determines how durable the glove is. Mesh or other related materials play a significant role in making the gloves safer while exposing the hands to oxygen.
  • Waterproofing and Weather Resistant- An essential requirement of any good quality anti-vibration glove is that it should be waterproof and, along with that, be resistant to all kinds of weather. There are places around the world that have different seasons throughout, and it is not practical to buy gloves suited for different weather conditions. However, it has to be taken into consideration that waterproofing and breathability do not go hand in hand. If the anti-vibration glove is fully waterproof, then it might not offer breathability. Hence, the user has to prioritize their needs and choose one.
  • Grip- Having a good grip is equally essential. Without a good grip, it will be challenging to hold on to the machinery, which could cause serious harm. It should always be kept in mind that the grip of a glove has to be tested in wet conditions. Depending on how the gloves fare in wet conditions, can it be said to be having a good grip? Waterproof gloves might not necessarily have good grips as water would be stagnant around it. 
  • Comfort- In the end, all that matters would be a comfort. There are gloves with a ton of features and offers complete protection but compromises on the comfortability and vice versa. This leads to the question, which is better? It is always preferred to avoid bulky and stiff gloves. Giving a trial run with the gloves by utilizing them for less dangerous and exhaustive tasks is one way to test them out. The materials at specific focus points also play a significant role in deciding which glove is the best. It should not be tight, at the same time, be reliable and flexible enough to carry out any tasks. 

How effective are Anti-Vibration gloves?

One of the main reasons why Anti-Vibration gloves are essential is because they protect users from the harmful effects that arise from continuous exposure to vibrations from heavy machinery. Anti-vibration gloves, as per studies, have been useful to reduce vibration components at very high frequencies. It has been found that while thicker gloves are more effective in reducing vibrations, they increase the grip forces acting against the gloves and reduce dexterity.

Gloves that focus more on the anti-vibration properties than other features have better material strength. The effectiveness of the glove is also based on the posture and hand-arm coordination of the user. Without proper protection or with lousy quality anti-vibration gloves, chances of injuries, both short term and long term, are on the rise. This would open up a negative impact on the users’ performance. Hence users need to choose one that suits their needs.

Which is the best pair of Anti-Vibration gloves?

It is not easy to choose a pair of gloves without taking into consideration the above factors. However, if asked for a personal choice, I would select Seibertron HIGH-VIS HRC5 Rigger Gloves. They are incredibly durable, comfortable, and offers full protection against vibrations and other harmful effects. It has all the required features sans being waterproof and touch screen compatible, which is not always a requirement. Its various features have made it a multipurpose anti-vibration glove, which does not compromise on the quality. 

It is always a huge debate when choosing the best Anti-Vibration gloves, as it is more of a personal choice. This guide outlines the 10 best Anti-Vibration gloves and helps users understand the factors to consider before choosing one.