Best Cycling Arm Warmers 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you want to grab something quickly from the outside and it’s cold but not cold enough for a jacket, then arm warmers are exactly what you should be looking for! You only need to slip these on and your arms are ready to face the biting cold. 

Fighting the cold is not the only factor that makes these “sleeves” attractive. It is always a prominent presence in the world of fashion ( remember those punk style arm warmers or the funky arm warmers sported by models the ramp?). So if you are a fan of this versatile garment like I am, you are in the right place. This article will list the best arm warmers you could find online.

Arm warmers were originally created to protect the arms from cold, especially intended for sportsmen who may have to play in harsh weather. However, these semi-gloves gradually began to gain popularity for several other purposes. Now it is popular among cyclers, marathoners, and fashionistas.


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Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Arm Warmer

  • Pearl Izumi is one of the trusted brands when it comes to arm and leg warmers. Now they have come up with their Elite Thermal Arm Warmers that have better features and improved resilience than their previous range.
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 DeFeet: Armskin Wool Arm

  • DeFeet is a popular brand for cycling gear. Their arm warmers that come by the name Armskin Wool Arm are the perfect warmers on a cold day and sit against your arm-like skin.
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 ‌Assos Arm Warmers Evo7 (127)

  • Assoc arm protectors fit perfectly well and keep your arms warm without overheating it. They are demarcated into left and right for both arms.
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Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers

  • Sportful is a favorite brand for cycling gear. Their NoRain arm warmers, as the name suggests, is water-resistant and promise to ward off the water even during the heaviest of rains.
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State Cashmere Arm Warmers

  • State Cashmere’s arm warmers are made with 100% pure Mongolian Cashmere. This material is known for its softness and breathability.
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Polaris RBS Arm Warmers

  • Polaris RBS Arm Warmers come in two different sizes and colors (yellow and orange). The bright colors of these arm warmers ensure increased visibility and the brushed back fabric provides comfort and warmth.
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 Endura Thermolite Arm Warmers

  • Endura’s Thermolite arm warmers are thinner than most other arm warmers but it warms as good as any other. These sleeves are available in 3 different sizes, so you can grab the one that fits you best.
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Sheeper Arm Warmers

  • Sheeper arm warmers are especially designed for women. They sit comfortably against your skin and are specially designed to reduce scarring during outdoor activities.
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 Novawo Fingerless Gloves.

  • They are super soft and stretchy and the wool keeps your arms warm during winters. These warmers are tightly knit for increased life.

Castelli Nanoflex + Arm Warmers

  • Castelli Nanoflex + arm warmers are some of the best arm warmers you could get your “arm” on. These water resistant warmers are made with breathable Nanoflex fabric.


Best Arm Warmers 2022

Arm warmers were originally made for sportsmen – to protect players’  arms during matches in cold weather. However, the original function of arm warmers has become secondary after other uses of it were discovered. Nevertheless, they still come in handy during cold climates. 

Arm warmers are never a waste of money. Because even if it is not winter, you can still use it during cycling or hiking, needless to say as a fashion statement. Who has never marveled at the Gothic punk style arm warmers sported by their favorite band? That was a glorious past. But wait, they are never completely out of style, are they? So you may not want to miss out on these gorgeous articles of clothing, for you never know when it will make a comeback.

Here is a list of the  best arm warmers that you may find online. 


1. Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Arm Warmer



  • This range of arm warmers are anatomically cut to ensure a perfect fit. They also have  silicone grippers around the top cuff that contributes to perfect fitting.


This latest addition to their family is made with Thermal Fleece fabric with water shedding PI technology that prevents water ingression. This feature keeps you arms warm and comfortable even during foggy or humid weather. Besides, they are demarcated into left and right with reflective logos on each for increased visibility. 


Elite Thermal Arm Warmer are one of the best innovations of this brand. And they are one of the most popular arm warmers among cyclers who look for perfectly fitting sleeves.



  • PI technology prevents water ingression without affecting the breathability of these arm warmers.
  • They are available in unisex sizing.
  • They are specially designed to fit perfectly.


  • They are slightly expensive


2.  DeFeet: Armskin Wool Arm



  • The major component of these arm warmers is merino wool which makes up to 80% of each sleeve. Merino wool provides the perfect insulation and keeps your arm comfortable and warm during uncomfortably cold climates.


These arm protectors are made with a perfect combination of materials like merino wool, Nylon and Lycra. Their design includes a lengthy wristband for better warmth. They also come with SeCurl no-slip band on the biceps area for warmth. Besides, the streamline design of these arm warmers makes them fit perfectly on your arms. And they are comparatively light weight, which means more comfort.


These warmers by DeFeet are machine washable and can be dried on a low tumble-dry setting.  DeFeet Armskin Wool Arm is one of the best arm sleeves for cyclers who are especially fond of cycling in mountains or colder regions.



  • Merino wool ensures warmth and comfort.
  • Long wristband and SeCurl no-slip band at the biceps also contribute to keeping your arms warm.
  • Materials used are durable and of good quality.


  • Limited or ambiguous sizing.


3.  ‌Assoss Arm Warmers Evo7 (127)



  •  The major component of these arm warmers is breathable RX Light Fabric that protects your arms from the biting cold without overheating. This fabric also has the right amount of elasticity to keep them on place.


‌Assoss riding apparels may not be the cheapest ones in market, but they are some of the most durable and comfortable ones you would find. Their Arm warmers evo7 are no different.


These arm warmers lack silicon grips at the top, but they are substituted by elastic bands that prevent the sleeves from rolling down. All these features make them some of the best cycling arm warmers available.



  • RX Light Fabric helps to keep your arms warm and comfortable.
  • Perfect fit
  • Materials used are durable and of good quality.


  • They are expensive


4. Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers



  • They are designed to fit perfectly and it’s thermal properties keep your arms warm during moderately cold climates. Also the fleecy inner side of these warmers gives it a soft feel.


Water resistance is ensured by the hydrophobic silicone which is one of the components of these arm warmers. They are designed to fit perfectly and it’s thermal properties keep your arms warm during moderately cold climates. Also the fleecy inner side of these warmers gives it a soft feel. And it cover most of your arm.


The stretchy material makes sure that no tight spots trouble you when you ride. They also have silicone grippers at the top that hold them in place. Additionally, they come with reflective logos for increased visibility.



  • Hydrophobic material that prevents water from seeping in.
  • They are soft to touch and comfortable to wear.
  • They fit perfectly.


  • They are not the best for extremely harsh weather.


5. State Cashmere Arm Warmers



  • They are made of superior quality cashmere that is lightweight and breathable. Hence, sustainability and comfort are assured. They also allow free movement of your fingers and does not restrict you from working comfortably. 


 So these arm warmers are sure to feel soft on your arms as it protects them from harsh weathers. The cashmere used is hypoallergenic and of high quality, so chances of these fingerless gloves accumulating allergens over time are considerably low.  Besides, they are densely knit to reduce philling. These soft and warm arm protectors give you a luxurious feel. The classic look of these arm warmers made with pure cashmere is an added benefit.



  • Hydrophobic Nanoflex fabric prevents water ingression.
  • They fit perfectly.
  • The material used is breathable.


  • They can be too tight on some people’s arm


6. Polaris RBS Arm Warmers



  • Its sleeves have silicone grippers on the top that prevents them from falling down. Besides, they are tighter than the usual arm warmers hence there is almost zero chance of it rolling down. 


One of the best features of its sleeves are the many reflective surfaces on it that increases visibility. There are reflective strips on the side that run along the length of these warmers. Their logos on each arm are also made of reflective strips. 



  • The brushed back fabric sits comfortably against the skin
  • Bright colours and reflective strips provides increased visibility.
  • Silicone grippers hold them in place.


  • They can be a little tight on larger arms.


7.  Endura Thermolite Arm Warmers



  • These arm warmers have Thermolite insulation that keeps your arms warm by maintaining a layer of warm air between skin and itself. This property ensures effective warming during extremely cold climates.


It is recommended that you get the size larger than your actual size. This reduces chances of it being pinchy and tight. They are water repellent, so you can peaceful ride even if it is drizzling. Besides, a layer of Teflon fabric protector ensures durability. They also have silicone grippers that hold them in place and reflective logos on each sleeve for visibility.



  • They are water resistant.
  • They have Teflon layer for increased life.
  • They are specially designed for cold climates, but they can be used during any part of the year.


  • They may be smaller than other arm warmers of similar size.


8. Sheeper Arm Warmers



  • Being fingerless, they do not restrict your fingers while working, playing or cycling. Besides, they are made of breathable material. So you will not experience itching or sweating during hot summer days.


The major components of these fingerless gloves, modal and cotton serve two purposes – it warms your arms during winter and shields them from the harmful UV rays during summer or when you are out in the sun. This feature allows it to be useful throughout the year. Additionally, they come in 12 different shades. So you can match them with your outfits. 



  • They can be used during winters and summers.
  • Modal and cotton keep your arms warm during winters and protect them from UV rays on sunny days.
  • They are available in 12 colors.


  • They are not water resistant.


9. Novawo Fingerless Gloves.



  • Novawo offer arm warmers made with premium wool, available in a variety of colours to match you outfit. Merino wool, which is a component of these sleeves make them soft and dry besides acting as an excellent insulation.


These fingerless gloves allows free movement of your fingers and does not cause any trouble while working, texting or riding. They are available in 5 different colours and stylish patterns. Even if the weather is favourable, you can use them to compliment your outfit. They are stretchy and flexible, so they fit perfectly and comfortably. 



  • They are made with 100% premium wool.
  • They are soft and stretchy.
  • They are available in 5 different colors.


  • They may begin to phill if carelessly handled


10. Castelli Nanoflex + Arm Warmers



  • Nanoflex fabric is also water resistant, hence there is minimum water ingression. The fabric ensures that your arms remain warm without overheating. All these features make Castelli Nanoflex + arm warmers cyclers’ favorite.


Nanoflex fabric, besides being breathable, is flexible and stretchy. So you need not fear of it slipping down your arms while you ride on a bumpy road. The added feature of Nano light on the back also ensures perfect fit. They also have double-sided silicone grippers to hold them in place.



  • Hydrophobic Nanoflex fabric prevents water ingression.
  • They fit perfectly.
  • The material used is breathable.


  • They can be too tight on some people’s arms.


Buying Guide

Arm warmers are versatile articles of clothing that can be used almost anytime and anywhere without eyes staring at you. The initial conception of these mitts was probably as protectors from cold. But, today they are used to protect your arms from the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Yes, they satisfy inherently contrasting interests. 

Arm warmers have been as important apparel for athletes as their jerseys. These sleeves not just protected their arms from cold climates, but significantly reduced arm injuries.

From being identified as the uniform of athletes to being the stamp of the punk style, arm warmers have had an eventful evolution. Today they are widely used by cyclers and hikers as protective gear and by fashion freaks as matching sleeves for their short-sleeved outfits on cold days.

The arm warmers mentioned in this article are of top quality. However, some of these may not be the right ones for you. This is because the utility of arm warmers largely depends on the person’s requirements and preferences. So I have prepared a list of things you should keep in mind while getting yourself an arm warmer:

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Arm warmers, being versatile articles of clothing, are available in different shapes and with varying features depending on the purpose for which it is used. Mostly arm warmers are used either for athletic purposes or as a fashion statement. Keeping your arms warm is a common aim of both these types, but other features may differ. For example, arm warmers for cyclers focus on fitness and breathability, while that for fashion purpose will be available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Hence, it is important to recognize the purpose of buying and search for it accordingly. 



Arm warmers of wrong size are a waste of money. Hence, you should take care to get yourself a pair that fits your arms perfectly. 

Arm warmers bigger than your size may fall down frequently, leaving you wondering why you wore it all. On the contrary, warmers of smaller size may not fall down but are capable of restricting blood flow, which will eventually lead to numbness, if not more serious health issues. 

Length and cut are other important factors. So when you order, you should buy one that is closest to your arm size.


The material you should look for in an arm warmer should correspond with your purposes. The materials used basically depend on the function of these sleeves. For example, athletic arm warmers may be made with a combination of nylon, Lycra, polyester, spandex, etc. along with hydrophobic fabrics. These fabrics contribute to special features of athletic arm sleeves like water resistance, elasticity, durability, etc. On the other hand-arm warmers for the purpose of warming or for fashion may be made using wool, cotton, Lycra, etc.

Grip type

One of the most important things to look for in an arm warmer is it’s grip type. This is especially relevant if you are buying for athletic purpose because you would not want a loose elastic on the second day.

The most efficient grippers so far are the silicone grippers that are usually placed on the top of the sleeves. This gripper holds the warmer in place and prevents it from falling down. So it would be better to buy sleeves fitted with silicone grippers on top.


Comfort is the first thing you should look for in a pair of arm warmers. You would not want to walk around or cycle wearing an uncomfortable pair. Stretchy and breathable materials make most comfortable arm warmers, because they prevent tight spots and itchiness due to sweating. And it is best to choose arm warmers made with materials that you are most comfortable in.

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Arm warmers are no strange things to us. They have been used since many years back and are still as popular as they were in their initial years. With increasing and varying needs of people, arm warmers have undergone significant changes in shape and composition. Maybe that is one of the reasons why they are still a prominent presence in the market.

In the later years, arm warmers have adapted features and qualities that primarily disagree with its original purpose or intention. This has allowed us to use them in a variety of situations and for many more purposes than its single original purpose. 

Back in its initial years, it was almost restricted to athletic use or to “arm warmers”. But today, they have become an unavoidable part of the fashion industry, a necessity for cyclers and hikers and the trademark of certain movements. This garment has an interesting history.

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