Best Boot And Glove Dryers 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A simple solution to a problem faced by many is a best Boot and Glove Dryer. One never fancies wearing wet gloves, shoes and boots in any weather, even hot. The foul smell that comes with wet gloves, shoes and boots if not dried for a long time can be a lot of inconvenience.

The weather can be not so friendly sometimes. It might take weeks for your garments alone to dry, boots and gloves are beyond question. Apart from this, there are only a limited number of alternatives you can buy and will run out dry gloves and boots in your wardrobe soon. 

Technology has evolved and in 2020, you have everything to make your life convenient and easy at a click’s reach. If not for these machines, we would still be waiting for days and weeks for our essentials to dry.

Apart from that, the good maintenance that this provides makes our garments last longer. A boot and glove dryer is here to make your life easy and reduce your work. A smart investment is what it is.

Here we give you a list of the best Boot and Glove Dryers available on the market, along with a Buying Guide which will help you buy a product that will suit you best!

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Dr. Prepare Boot and Glove Dryer

  • Dr. Prepare boot dryer is a multipurpose dryer and can extend its usage to gloves, hats, socks, helmets etc. This one is packed with many extra features. For starters, the machine has quick dry technology and dries garments in minutes.
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DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer

  • DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer is a machine which is as simple as it gets. A very convenient product, it is very easy to use and completes the basic job as needed.
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 Peet Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

  • Peet brings another very simple shoe, boot and glove dryer. The catch with this product is that one can simultaneously dry two sets of shoes or one pair each of gloves and shoes. 
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MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer

  • MaxxDry Heavy-Duty boot, shoe and glove dryer is packed with a number of features. Consider this an ideal product if you are ready to invest in a machine that is durable and can run for a long time.
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Lavieair Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer

  • Lavieair boot, shoe and glove dryer has a built-in motor on which it operates and dries up damp socks, shoes, boots and gloves in at most 2 hours.
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Manledio Portable Electric Shoe, Glove and Boot Dryer

  • Manledio brings out a very cost-efficient product to the market. Considering the price, it has a lot to present to the customers.
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Boot Dryer by Trustech

  • Boot Dryer by Trustech is an energy saving glove, shoes, sock and boot dryer. It works on thermal convection principle and works on a constant temperature.
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JobSite Mighty Boot Dryer

  • JobSite boot dryer is a multipurpose dryer with its functions expanding to gloves, socks and other garments. It works on fast-dry mechanism with temperature around 98 to 110 degree Fahrenheit.
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Kendal Shoes Boots & Gloves Dryer

  • Kendal dryer is a different dryer with a design that stands from other dryers you usually see. This product works on fast drying technology and takes not more than an hour to dry.
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 Upstartech Boot Shoe and Glove Dryer

  • Upstartech Dryer is a quick dryer with a blower which blows slow and warm air to dry the garments but also not damage the fabric. It saves a lot of power and dissipates heat in all directions to dry the garments faster.
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Best Boot And Glove Dryers 2020:

1. Dr. Prepare Boot and Glove Dryer



  •  It has an intelligent manual timer which you can set accordingly and it helps save electricity and power. It removes odour, moisture and sweat through the circulation of heat.

Heat supply (104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) is constant and it also has a blower which makes it super efficient. Another notable feature of this dryer is that it is portable and compact. The machine can easily be folded and is light weight. It can be carried around along with your luggage. The machine works silently even with the heat blower.

Packed with a lot of features, Dr. Prepare is beyond doubt a smart choice of product for a dryer as it is very economical even with several top notch features to offer.


  • Portable and compact
  • Removes odour, moisture, sweat etc.
  • Works silently and has a timer


  • The machine needs to be plugged off after use

2. DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer



  • This dryer works on the principle of thermal convection drying system. The heating temperature reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It is capable of drying two garments or a pair simultaneously in 6 to 8 hours.

The machine takes care of the fabric and material of the garment or boots.

Another feature it boasts of is it’s no noise property. It is a silent machine and does not have any moving parts. It also helps in reducing the odour generated by fungus, bacteria etc.

In all, it is a great choice of product drying clothes overnight without any external work. It is cost effective, economical, simple to use and highly recommended.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Removes odour causing bacteria and fungus
  • Noiseless 


  • No On/Off Switch

3.  Peet Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer



  • It removes moisture, odour and sweat and preserves the material. It is also compatible with all types of fabric and material of gloves, shoes and boots alike.

It also deodorizing while drying. It is very easy to use and consumes a lot less electricity than its counterparts. 

The dryer takes a few hours to dry out the boots and shoes and one can keep them overnight. It works silently and has no moving part. The product is immensely durable and the major feature it offers is that it comes with a twenty-five year warranty period. The company itself is very reliable, but this additional feature is a good add-on.


  • Deodorizes along with eliminating odour
  • Works silently
  • Drying two pairs at once


  • Slightly expensive

4. MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer



  • This dryer can dry two pairs or four garments simultaneously with two removable 16 inch extension tubes for long boots. The heating capacity is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Along with drying, it removes odour causing bacteria and fungus.

The dryer is compatible with most fabrics and material used to make boots, shoes and gloves. It takes an average of an hour to dry out the garments completely. It comes with a timer which extends up to 3 hours and switches off automatically and an on-off heat switch. The fan provides air supply for the garments to dry quicker but is not completely soundless.


  • Removes odour, bacteria and fungus
  • Four drying ports
  • Manual timer and On/Off heat switch


  • Not completely noiseless

5. Lavieair Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer



  • The high powering motor supplies heat at enough power to dry the garments quickly. The company is trustable and has many customers.

It neutralizes the odour by acting on the bacteria and fungus that causes it. In addition to that, it features four separate ports to dry out four separate or two pairs of garments simultaneously. It is also very compact and light weight. You can carry this dryer along because of its portability. 

It has a manual timer that extends to 180 minutes. The dryer supports all kinds of materials and fabrics that gloves, boots and shoes are made up of. The usage of warm and not hot air gives a little extra care to the fragile fabrics.


  • Compact and portable
  • Manual timer adjustment
  • Four separate ports for drying


  • No On/Off switch

6. Manledio Portable Electric Shoe, Glove and Boot Dryer



  •  It works on a constant temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit and removes the odour forming bacteria and fungus.

It boasts of a manually adjustable 2 hour timer and switches off automatically after that. The drying ports are also adjustable at different arcs. You can adjust them according to the required weights of the garments. There is an in built fan which helps to dry the garments faster.

The dryer is extremely light weight and has a folding rack. It is compact and portable. This heavy duty is compatible with all fabrics and materials from fragile to the toughest. It is not completely silent but works fairly quiet. It comes with an adapter.


  • Manual timer adjustment
  • Removes odour causing bacteria and fungus
  • Portable and compact


  • Not completely noiseless

7. Boot Dryer by Trustech



  • Working on a constant temperature, it helps keep the garments from burning and ensures it is not damaged. It is extremely easy to use and works silently.

 It has a single switch button to allow the machine to start consuming power. But without a timer, you have to monitor your garment time and again.

It eliminates the odour accompanying the damp and wet garments and heats up very fast. The dryer is very compact and does not use up much space. Working at a constant temperature it consumes less power and saves a lot of energy. This simple product is easy to use and a good value for money.


  • Removes odour causing bacteria and fungus
  • Power and energy saving
  • Noiseless


  • Manual switch, does not shut down automatically

8. JobSite Mighty Boot Dryer



  • It prevents fungal growth on wet and damp garments and deactivates the bacteria and fungus that causes odour. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is extremely durable being heavy duty.

The dryer comes with a manual timer which you can set for up to 3 hours and then automatically switches off. This saves the extra trouble of always keeping a check on the dryer. It uses a fan for distributing the warm air. The fast drying mechanism dries garments in a couple of hours and damp garments in 30 minutes or so. 


  • Removes odour causing bacteria and fungus
  • Manually adjustable  timer
  • Energy and power saving


  • Doesn’t work silently as it uses fan

9. Kendal Shoes Boots & Gloves Dryer



  •  It uses warm air to protect the garments and the fabric. You can simultaneously dry up to 2 pairs of garments. The odour is eliminated by aroma active carbon that absorbs it.

 It comes with a manually adjustable timer of up to 3 hours and has an option for adjusting the temperature between high and low also.

The dryer takes up almost no space and is immensely compact and light. One can carry it anywhere for it is portable. It can also be mounted on a wall and thus takes up no space at all.


  • Manually adjustable timer
  • Eliminates odour causing bacteria and fungus
  • Portable and compact


  • Fan works only with the heat supply

10.  Upstartech Boot Shoe and Glove Dryer



  • It dries using a constant temperature and is very easy to use. Along with eliminating the odour, it sterilizes the bacterial and fungal growth. Along with that it has a deodorizing function.

 It has an adjustable timer and you can choose any time below two hours after which it shuts down automatically. The dryer has foldable drying ports and this makes it a compact and portable machine. It is a little big in size but can be carried along with luggage. 


  • Manually adjustable timer
  • Eliminates odour causing bacteria and fungus, deodorizes garments
  • Saves energy and power


  • Does not work noiseless

Buying Guide

After considering all the products above, you may or may not have found exactly what you were looking for. To make an accurate decision and find out what matches your needs best, you will have to dwell a little deeper into the item’s information. There is a lot to dryers than what you think may be. From different types, to manually operated, portable or not and the supported fabrics, a vast range of items come out.

 A great variety is out in the market. Before the final decision, one needs to ponder about the brand, budget, portability, drying time, timer and other features that a dryer has to offer. Going through all of that is a bit of a task and very time consuming. But here we have analyzed each product and give you all that you need to know. Greater the number of options, the more it confuses you. So we will put an end to that dilemma and give you all the information about the best boot and glove dryers you need to know, at once!

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Boot And Glove Dryer

1. Portability

Number one factor to look into when it comes to dryers is portability. You definitely don’t need a big machine occupying a large space of your house. You have options for a smaller and compact one that is equally effective. A light weight and compact dryer will dry your clothes at an equal time interval. Another advantage is that you can carry one along with you in your trips. One cannot wear the same damp and wet socks, gloves, shoes and boots again and again. Besides the discomfort it also becomes a gateway to a number of diseases and infections. We definitely don’t need that!

2. Timer

This is one feature you can miss out on if it suits your needs. But leaving your garments drying for hours in end might damage the fabric a little and ruin it altogether. If you can monitor the dryer and the garments at times, this is a feature one can absolutely miss. Nevertheless, the time one has in hand now days cannot be spent sitting around waiting for garments to dry.

This is a very useful feature for it eliminates the need to monitor and check on the dryer and the garments time and again.

3. Budget

The most important factor of all is the budget. Probably the first thing you should decide before getting into buying anything. Accordingly you can skip a few features and extra functions and compromise with the essential function only. Additional features cost a little extra with each product. Deciding on the budget first gives you leverage on the kinds of features you will need.

5. Odour Control

With damp and wet garments come odour and foul smell. Not only that, fungal and bacterial growth are also facilitated in such conditions. It is best that we find solutions to them for they not only affect the garment, but is harmful for the user also. To prevent this you should choose a dryer whose heat technology helps in eliminating bacteria and odour.

New machines feature deodorizing functions which not only remove odour but treat garments with fragrant substances also. 

6. Additional Features

Features like heat control, warranty, number of heating ports, energy saving, fans, noiseless etc. come under additional features.

Heat control gives you a manual control over the amount of heat you want to expose your garment to. The time it takes to dry depends on that. Next, some products extend their warranty up to 25 years. This is a target that is hard to beat. But 1 or 2 year warranty is generally given.

Other given features are not essentials but one can look them up while buying the product according to preference.

The above list of features gives a gist of information you should know. In all, it will give you an idea about the trending and featured functions.


After evaluation of all the factors, top products and the guide, we are sure you have already found what you are looking for. A few tips that might help in its usage. Firstly, this product works on electricity. It is top priority to handle it with caution and not let your guard down. Secondly, since it heats up it is but obvious that you use it with precaution. Even with the manual timer, monitoring its activity is only a precaution for your safety. It is best not to leave the machine around children.

Boots and Glove Dryer is an item that makes your life easy and saves a lot of time. Apart from that, it improves the durability of your garments as they are well maintained and prevents fungal and bacterial growth. Needless to say, it makes life easy!. Moreover, this post of best boot and glove dryers will help you in selecting the dryer of your need and choice. Follow the user manuals and guides and with a few precautions and safety measures, you will be good to go.