Best Electrician Gloves 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Operating or even being around electronic devices is not a child’s play. You always have your guard up when around these things and never mess around. It is but natural that we take maximum measures as precautions and for our own safety.

The quality is something we cannot compromise on here. Even if electrical tasks are not your everyday tasks, electrician gloves are essential to have. You do not have to be a professional to know the dangers involved in handling and dealing with electricity.

One of the compulsory gears one must possess in such situations is a pair of best Electrician Gloves. Among other important gears, this one leads the list as your first contact with electrical equipment is through hands. It is important to protect them from shocks and work safely.

All your activities involve the hands, it is necessary that you take all precautions concerned to keep them safe.

So we bring to you, the best electrician gloves available on the market. Along with this, a detailed Buying Guide to help you understand the product better and make the smartest choice.

Image Product Detail Price

   Klein Tools Electricians Gloves

  • Klein is another famous company providing ace products in this line. It has tough fabric and material and is durable. They last long and work efficiently as well.
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OTC Large Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves

  • OTC Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves come under personal protective equipment if working with electricity. Its outer surface is enforced with leather to protect the gloves.
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  Magid Safety Electrical Gloves

  • Magid Safety Electrical Gloves are made of latex which is an insulating material. These are used for electricity related work which requires hands-on activity with electricity.
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National Safety Apparel Insulating Gloves

  • National Safety Apparel also has a number of products on the market. These Insulating Gloves are one of the top products in the list. These come with a bag for the gloves and leather protectors.
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Electrical Insulated Lineman Gloves

  • These electrical insulated gloves by ShuangAn are made of rubber. Rubber is an insulator and does not conduct electricity. Thus it is widely used in such fields and has many applications.
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DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves

  • DEX FIT gives immensely lightweight gloves which fits naturally to the skin. It is flexible and provides full movement of the hands to carry out functions restriction free.
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 Lineman Work Gloves

  • These gloves have been trusted by many and have not failed to stand up to the standards. It is an important gear and can be used for a variety of purposes.
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SAS Safety Electric Service Gloves

  • SAS Gloves come with an entire kit which includes a bag for easy storage, a pair of electric service gloves and another pair of gloves that protect the electric service gloves.
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Electrical Insulated Lineman Gloves

  • The glove shape has been designed for comfort and flexibility. The rubber has dielectric properties. Since they are to be used under high electricity, for safety these are designed to be heavy and tough.
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Stauffer Electrical Glove Protectors

  • Stauffer Electrical Glove protectors are not electrical gloves. These act as protectors to the rubber gloves and are to be used with them only.
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Best Electrician Gloves 2020

One cannot take risk and buy a product that might end up harming themselves. Electrician Gloves are gloves that need to work hundred percent and the slightest error might cause a large damage not only to the person using it but also to the people around and the equipment on which the person is operating. You need a product of quality that you can trust will work efficiently and without fail. For this reason alone we have researched and made a final list of the best products with the best features available.

It is certain to claim that time is the one precious thing we all are trying to save up on. We’d rather spend it in doing something productive than start researching from a basic level about a product we have to buy. To bring that problem to an end, we have curated a special list of the best Electrician Gloves in the market. This will not only save your time but you will also get to know your product better.

Here is a list of thoroughly researched products and a buying guide with each detail that might be of interest to you so you can make your decision comfortably.

1.    Klein Tools Electricians Gloves

best electrician gloves

Best Buy

  •  The gloves have a mixture of fabrics which also involves leather that gives it toughness. For a better grip and anti-slip function, unique material has been used for the palm and fingers

Its feature resists slipping while handling equipment like wires and cables. It is also a safety measure as this involves electricity. The cuff is also extra long for greater coverage and also helps in easy removing and wearing.

The material is breathable and keeps your hands sweat free. These are stretchable and comfortable to wear for long hours.


  • Tough material and durable
  • Breathable and stretchable material
  • Provides great grip for handling things


  • Slightly heavy

2. OTC Large Hybrid Electric Safety Gloves

best electrician gloves

Worth Money

  • The gloves come with a manual and need regular checking from time to time. This ensures if the gloves have not lost their protective function.

 Leather is an insulator i.e. leather does not conduct electricity and stops the flow. It also has a rubber layering which also needs to be checked.

OTC has been proven to be a brand serving people with quality products for a century. It is a brand that can be trusted with quality and durability. These are regular gloves to be used when dealing with electricity.


  • Leather outer layer
  • Rubber used inside
  • Durable


  • Size misfits

3.   Magid Safety Electrical Gloves

best electrician gloves

Worth Money

  • Magid Safety Electrical Gloves come under safety equipment and are good for regular work. They are used for a number of purposes and also used widely.

The material used makes the gloves tough and provides good resistance. They also provide class 0 low voltage protection to work around live voltages. These gloves are very long for extra protection against electricity.

These electric gloves are one of the best in line and provide maximum protection for such work. These can be used professionally as well as at home for some repair work. These are durable and can be ensured to work. It is also available in different colors.


  • Durable
  • Latex provides good resistance
  • Good quality


  • Size may differ

4. National Safety Apparel Insulating Gloves

best electrician gloves

Runner Up

  • The rubber gloves are to be worn with the leather protectors provided with them. Leather is another insulator and helps provide maximum protection while working.

These are class 0 rubber gloves. Rubber is an excellent insulator of electricity. It does not allow electricity flow and thus is used in electrical equipment. The gloves are tested and the date is stamped on the gloves for guarantee. These gloves are ideal for lineman work, contractors, construction etc. the size chart is provided with the product so you find an accurate size for your hand for comfort.


  • Leather protector along with rubber gloves, both insulators
  • Extra equipment given
  • Durable and tested


  • Only to be used for 12 months

5. Electrical Insulated Lineman Gloves



  • Since rubber is elastic and flexible. It improves dexterity and allows movement of the hands.

The gloves are flexible and offer comfort using the contoured shape. They are a little thick and heavy for safety as its applications include working under high voltage. It does not interfere much with the movement but you can find lighter options with the same working in the market.

The length of the gloves also helps in larger coverage of the area and keeping a larger part of the hand safe. They are only available in a single size which might be too big for some. Comfort and flexibility is necessary for this line of work. So you must look into the size chart before making a buy.


  • Made of rubber
  • Flexible
  • Long length


  • Thick and heavy

6. DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves

best electrician gloves

Best Buy

  • The gloves are breathable, a rare feature in this line of product. This keeps the hands moisture-free and comfortable. It also has a touchscreen feature so you can use your devices without removing your gloves.

It prevents slipping for better safety and restriction free working. Dexterity is supplied by spandex used as material that accommodates all movement. These are easy to maintain as they can be easily washed in machines.

The cuffs are knitted around the wrist. It does not limit its use and can be extended to various lines of work and tasks. It is a multi-utility glove and can be used by everyone regardless. It comes with a guarantee and one can trust this with quality. With many features to offer, this is a very economical option.


  • Protective Coating
  • Breathable fabric gives comfort
  • Flexible material and allows movement


  • Thin Metarial

7.  Lineman Work Gloves

best electrician gloves

Best of All

  • These Lineman Work Gloves are made of a mixture of fabrics like spandex, leather etc. Leather is an insulator and restricts electricity flow through the gloves. Spandex provides dexterity and gives freedom for movement of the hands for ease while working.

The cuffs are made of neoprene and have side vents to evacuate heat and moisture for maximum comfort while wearing these gloves and working. The palms and fingers which need maximum protection have been reinforced with leather. The knuckles are padded and make the gloves tough so they last long.


  • Made of leather which is an insulator
  • Spandex provides dexterity
  • Padded knuckles for durability


  • Snug fit

8. SAS Safety Electric Service Gloves

best electrician gloves

A Worth Buy

  • The gloves are made of rubber as it is an insulator. These are class 0 gloves and are good for any electricity related tasks. The gloves are lightweight so are flexible and can be used with comfort.

 SAS has been in the market for a while now and can have faith in the quality of products. The rubber and leather gloves together work efficiently. Leather gloves act as a protective layer against the rubber gloves. The bag provided helps in organizing the equipment and keeps them safe from unnecessary use.


  • Rubber gloves with protective leather gloves provided
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Comes with a bag


  • Not breathable

9. Electrical Insulated Lineman Gloves

10 best electrician gloves

Worth Money

  • These are suitable for all electricity work like lineman work which requires work under electricity. The natural dielectric rubber provides safety, flexibility and durability to the gloves for longer use.

These rubber gloves are tested while in construction under 20KV but can not be used under more than 10KV for safety. . The thickness amounts to some restriction as a precaution. The length of the gloves is apt for usage and covers a larger area than normal gloves. The length is 14.2 inch. The cuffs cover the major part of the hands as they are extra large.


  •   Dielectric rubber used for flexibility and safety
  • Durable
  • Long cuffs for greater coverage


  • Available in one size only

10. Stauffer Electrical Glove Protectors

best electrician gloves

Best Buy

  • These protectors are very durable and protect your gloves from abrasion and also provide comfort and durability.

These glove protectors are not to be used without the gloves as their function is completely different. They add additional life-span to your gloves. But they are only to be worn to protect your rubber insulating gloves and not otherwise.


  • Leather glove protector
  • Durable and insulating
  • Provides comfort


  • Size may vary according to rubber gloves

Buying Guide

The above list of products must have given you an idea of what to expect from electricians gloves. These are meant for safety and are only to be used for such actions only. Using them for other unnecessary activities will decrease its durability. Otherwise also they might not be the gear required for other things. Even under the mentioned line of work, you might find a number of activities which require special functions. For each activity, a separate function or material is required. But it can be confusing as for the variety available is very much.

A lot of factors are to be considered before coming to a conclusion on the product. In fact, a buying guide is where you should begin your research with. The main factors that determine the features of an electrician gloves are the material which should be an insulator, length of the cuffs, dexterity and durability. Only after contemplating and giving a final thought to all these factors can you reach a final conclusion. Given below are a few factors which will help you in the path of making the correct choice for you.


1. Material

The main requirement out of an electrician glove is an insulator. As mentioned before, an insulator is something that does not allow electricity to flow through it. It stops the flow and helps keep you safe if working around electricity. The main elements used in gloves which are insulators are rubber and leather. You will mostly find rubber to be used as the main glove and the leather gloves are used primarily as the rubber gloves protector. To save the rubber gloves from abrasion and for extra protection. Mostly the two come as separate parts but you may find some gloves to have a mixture of both in a single glove.

2. Dexterity

Since the work involves mostly movement, hand dexterity and freedom of movement is another necessity. Rubber naturally as an element is flexible and as it is used as a primary material in the gloves, these allow movement of the hands. You might find some to be made of dielectric rubber which gives a little more dexterity to the gloves. This is another important factor while choosing the perfect gloves.

3. Durability

Durability is a major factor one has to take into consideration while buying gloves or anything for that matter. You would want your investment to not go in vain. If you are spending your money on something, you would want it to last long and provide the same quality for that period. These are gloves you might wear on a daily basis. Or even if not every day, these come to use regularly. It is best to find a pair of gloves that are durable and last long. Instead of buying them time and again, investing once in a good product is a better option.

4. Budget

The most important factor of all is the budget. Probably the first thing you should consider before starting your research. With technological advancement came variety and better, newer options. But with additional features also comes a rise in price. But since these gloves are basic requirements of an electrician, the price range is not very high. Electrician Gloves come under personal protective equipment and can be found to be cheap and affordable while being of good quality also.

You can set a budget limit and find options under that. This way you will get a clear idea of what to expect when you go out to buy electrician gloves.

The list is endless but a look into the above few will give you an idea of what you will be looking forward to. This includes all the major factors you have to look into before concluding on the final product.


We have done a thorough research on the products and made this list of products available. There are a lot of options available but it is important that you look into a few things before making a buy. These gloves have to be checked for their property to block electricity flow. It is suggested that you do this once every six months or so. A test before using the gloves for the first time is also advisable.

Each product has been given with all details necessary for your decision. Every product is listed with pros and cons and it’s features. The details and the list of pros and cons will make it easier for you to decide for the best product. After going through the products and the detailed buying guide, we are sure it will now be an easy decision for you.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is the size as they tend to misfit. You should measure according to the size guide of the product to get a perfect fit. The list of products and the detailed buying guide are ample enough for you to choose a pair of gloves which suit you best.