Best Gaming Gloves 2022 – Review and Buying Guide!

For gamers who play games for long hours at a stretch must be aware of how a sweaty palm or arthritis can cause you huge loss. I am not talking about part-time gamers, I am talking about full-time gamers who make their earnings from this. It may look a bit overstated, but the difference between the winner and the loser is of a split second. And you don’t want to lose just because you don’t have the right pair of gamer’s gloves.

A good pair of gaming gloves can make you fast enough to win the game. The right pair of gloves will give you the freedom and ultimate authority of control over the console, PC, or even your mobile phone (yes mobile phone).

Gaming gloves are the solution for all your problems like, sweaty hands, arthritis, palm pain or you just want to avoid these problems. There is a gaming glove for every different problem. But you can’t try all of them at once. That looks impractical. And therefore, you should read this review all the way to the end.

We are going to look at the 7 best gaming gloves available in the market. Then I will talk about their individual pro, cons, and additional features such as fabric, built quality, and durability.

Image Product Detail Price

 Foamy Lizard Gloves

  • These gaming gloves are designed to provide the best grip over the console without any hindrance. The fingertips are exposed that allow the user to feel the texture of the gamepad which allows for better feedback.
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 Sparco Hypergrip Gloves

  • Sparco Hypergrip is typically made for SIM racing. These gloves are used to provide a superior grip over the steering wheel. For excellent grip over the steering wheel, these gloves are used to provide the best handling experience in the game.
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Copper Compression Gloves

  • These fingertips-less gloves are only designed to provide relief from Arthritis pain. Copper Compression makes these gloves specifically for a person who is habitual of playing games for hours or someone with Arthritis.
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 Glider Glove

  • Glider gloves will suit those people who live in cold areas and are mobile phone gamers. These are made to keep your hands nice and toasty in the winters while you are playing on your phone.
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 Sleekz Moisture Wicking Gaming Gloves

  • Probably the best gaming gloves with an open design. Sleekz has patented this design for their gloves. The gloves cover a portion of the hand; thumb, and two fingers.
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 Elite Performance Generation (EPG) Glove

  • Elite Performance Generation gloves are for those people who are into console gaming. Gamers using keyboards will find it difficult to use them. The glove is filled with grip with silicon padding all over it.
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  Capto Glove Wearable

  • Capto glove is a smart glove for gaming for both casual and professional gamers. As the gaming industry increasing at a very rapid pace, people are demanding for new innovations in every marketplace.
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Best Gaming Gloves in 2022

In 2020, there are plenty of gaming platforms where people play games today. PubG, Call of Duty, NFS, and plenty more games use different platforms. PubG and Fortnite are really famous mobile games and famous around youngsters. But did you know that there are different gloves for mobile gaming as well, and different gloves used for consoles and PC gaming?

People are sometimes skeptical about gaming gloves because of their not so good past experiences with the gloves. This skepticism is only valid until you don’t do proper research before buying a pair of gaming gloves.

You need a good review in this case so that you can properly guide yourself through the process. This review will help you through every aspect. We are going to talk about everything related to the gaming gloves which will help you in understanding what to look for.

We will also see all the pros and cons of individual products. This will surely clear out some questions you now have in your mind. Look for the considerations at the end of the article.

But before you start you should first be able to define your purpose and then the budget. There are other considerations to make too, but you’ll know them along the way. Let’s start to see the 7 best gaming glove.

1.  Foamy Lizard Gloves

7 best gaming gloves

Convenient of All

  • The fingertip-less design ensures the full emersion towards the game and the user can utilize preferred thumb grip.
  • The gloves are very comfortable and they go unnoticed even after hours of usage.

These are made up of ultra-soft stretchable cloth, which is so thin that you will only feel Hexatech features/protrusions on the cloth after a few minutes of use.

The hexagonal pattern i.e. Hexatech is made of silicon for superior grip over the controller or gamepad. While sweating, the gloves even increase the grip allowing free motion of your thumbs and fingers with a quick range of mobility. The cloth is also very breathable, so until it is sweltering, you wouldn’t sweat much.

To ensure the free movement, elastic joints are provided between fingers. These gloves are ideal for people who into gaming, especially used to find a superior grip over gamepads and controllers.

The price of the gloves is $24.99 and can vary depending on the area.


  • Hexatech (silicon coating for grip)
  • Breathable and anti-sweat material
  • Flexible


  • Durability issues

2.  Sparco Hypergrip Gloves

7 best gaming gloves

Best Buy

  • These are the best budget gaming gloves available for newbies. Although good, some people claim that the seams start ripping after extensive usage.

The tips of index finger and thumb are exposed to ensure a tactile feel when pressing buttons. But in sense of handling and grip, the gloves are at higher standards. Very few people complain about the “sweaty hand” problem as the fabric is rather breathable and allows much air to your hands.

Although specifically made for gripping the steering wheel for SIM Racing, gloves can also be used to control gamepads too. The tips can be converted for fingertip less use. But these convertible tips seem to cause the most ripping problems, as they may not stay convertible for long enough.

The gloves are made from perforated fiber material to provide maximum ventilation and grip. The rest of the design is so that the material can be stretched to higher limits while keeping your hand sweat-free and ventilated.

The gloves are made to provide everything they promise but some people don’t have the same views. There are plenty of negatives reviews about the gloves online. These gloves cost around $200.


  • Good appearance
  • Optimum grip
  • Stretchable fabric


  • Loads of negative reviews online

3. Copper Compression Gloves

7 best gaming gloves

Worth Money

  • Gloves are made out of very soft fabric which has silicon protrusions for optimum grip. Also, fabric infused with copper ion for good medical reasons. Copper is known for healing and curing minor medical problems.

The gloves are primarily used by those people who experience pain while holding the consoles for long hours. They (Gloves) can help in eliminating the pain. As the name says, compression means that the gloves compression against your palms to reduce the joints’ pain.

The fingertip-less perks give a very good tactile feel of whatever you hold. The fabric is breathable but also keeps the palm area warm to relieve stress. Even the gloves are machine washable.

The final verdict; gloves are very good at relieving any stress off the hand but the built quality is just average.

The Price for a pair of gloves is $23.95


  • Best for arthritis
  • Light and washable
  • Comparatively cheap


  • Not ideal for gaming

4.  Glider Glove

7 best gaming gloves

Runner Up

  • As the fabric is thick and infused with copper ions, you won’t feel any problem in operating the smartphone. These can also be used as a winter accessory.

The gloves look a bit on the bulky side as they are made to keep your hands warm. They will suit you even if you are not a gamer. As the copper is infused all over the glove, you can operate the phone from any part of gloves, if needed. The touch technology is infused throughout the glove, a quirk very less seen on gloves.

The honeycomb pattern is made across the palm area to help get hold of the phone. The pattern is made out of durable silicone. The inner side is made of softer material, adding to comfort and warmth. The manufacturer recommends using these for temperatures 15-45 Fahrenheit for 45 minutes at a stretch.

The price for a pair of these gloves is $14.99.


  • Good customer support
  • Versatile
  • Comparatively cheap


  • Only for mobile phone gamers

5.  Sleekz Moisture Wicking Gaming Gloves

7 best gaming gloves

Best Buy

  • These thin gloves use a company patented silicon-dot design for grip and less sweating. The design ensures that most of the part of which is usually not in contact with the gamepad is exposed to air.

It comes in two sizes and an adjustable strap band around the wrist. The fiber is also really very thin that will go unnoticed when wearing for hours. Gloves fit snugly on the hands and the “wicking” fabric keeps the sweat out. Its design ensures that there is very sweating on the palm and ensures a very good experience.

The pricing for a pair of these gloves starts from $29.99.


  • Good finger grip
  • Good built quality
  • Sweat-wicking technology


  • Costly

6.  Elite Performance Generation (EPG) Glove

7 best gaming gloves

Worth Buy

  • Best to get a grip over the consoles, these gloves are designed for perfect traction without any hassle. The perforations in the gloves provide ventilation for the fingers but sometimes they are unable to trap heat then you will begin sweating.

For the people who play games using a keyboard, gloves can be sometimes irritating as they stick on the keys. The sticking happens because of the silicon provided on the gloves.

The company provides them in six different sizes with plenty of colors and graphic designs to choose from. Gloves look quite good at a reasonable price. Some people love it while other people don’t. It is just a matter of opinion.

Pricing starts from $26.33


  • Fits to size
  • Great design
  • Good grip


  •  Not ideal for PC gamers

7.   Capto Glove Wearable

7 best gaming gloves

Best of All

  • It was firstly designed for patients recovering from strokes and medical usage. As these gloves are smart gloves, they can be used to control a smart device and VR headsets.

It is also famous around developers for the development of products like cars. Capto Gloves are made to take the game one step up.

These gloves are wireless connectivity with Bluetooth- 10 Degree of Freedom. The battery can give a running time of up to 10 hours and is rechargeable. They are even compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Prime. Capto Glove is a smart controller that can track hand and finger movements in virtual/augmented reality.

The gloves can be used to control a wide array of devices ranging from Windows, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Vive, Samsung VR. There are two sizes available to choose from.

Built quality of the gloves is also really good. Elastic bands are provided between the fingers to extra durability. As well as the cloth it is made out of is pretty good.

The pricing for these gloves start from $490.


  • Good haptic response
  • Very good battery life
  • Excellent built quality


  • Expensive to buy

Buying Guide

Defining an Ideal Gaming Glove

Ideal gaming gloves should be able to provide maximum grip over the console or mobile phone. They should be thin enough that you don’t even feel if you are wearing them while gaming. Fingertip-less design is preferable but for some console games ‘fully covered’ fingertip can be sought for.

While being thin, gloves should also be durable with good stitching. There should also be some kind of grip over the palm area so that they help you grab console or gamepad.

You should be looking for these things in an ideal gaming glove;

  • Thin and light
  • Provide free movement
  • Durable and breathable
  • Good grip

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What is Gaming Gloves?

A gaming glove is specifically designed to provide a good experience while playing games, whether it is console, mobile, or just a PC. There are gloves for every need. These gloves are made up of durable materials which are designed to prevent;

a)  Sweating of palm while playing

b)  Any kind of pain arising due to arthritis

c)  Precautionary measure before you start having pain

So, there are different approaches for every need, and the material of gloves are chosen after considering the approach.

When to use Gaming Gloves?

As discussed earlier, you should gaming gloves to enhance your gaming experience. Be it mobile gaming or PC gaming or any console. Gaming gloves should be worn while playing on any one of these. A gaming glove will make your response timeless.

I am not going to talk about who should buy gaming gloves, as these gloves are made for gamers, the potential buyers are clarified. In my opinion, every gamer should have a pair of gaming gloves, whether Pro or a Noob. They really do take the experience to another level.

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Consideration to be before buying a pair

Talking about the considerations you should make, there are different gloves for different needs;

PC gamers should look for gloves that have good wrist support while easily able to glide over the keys. The fabric of the glove should be breathable to prevent sweating. Grip should not be the prime consideration as you would need to slide over the keys properly.

Gamers using consoles should look for fingertip-less gloves to get a better feel of the gamepad or console. The gloves should also have grip in the palm area to help hold the console properly. Maybe breathable fabric would do well for less sweating.

Mobile gamers can go without a glove, but gloves can help reduce fingerprints on the screen. Grabbing the phone without slipping will improve effectively.

Different aspects

The market is flooded with so many gaming gloves and with so many options available anyone can get confused. He/she can buy a copied product and not the original one. Therefore apart from just buying gloves, one should also take into account another key thing.

There is more than just, ‘reducing sweat’ for a gaming glove.


The material used for the construction of the glove decides whether it will last or not. You want to look for the durability of the material.

On the other hand, breathability should also be given a thought as it is the most under-rated thing. If you buy some gloves which are not breathable, they are going to create a lot of problems in the long run.

Finally, the stitching should look for perfection. Any loose ends mean that the manufacturer didn’t spend much time in researching.

Padding and Strap

Insulation and paddings will help in relieving any pain arising due to the extended time of gaming. Especially if you are a patient of Arthritis or Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Adjustable straps should be sought for too. Adjustable straps give you options to fit the gloves to your size. Although you will buy gloves to your size for a very snug fit, an adjustable strap will help a lot.

Inner side

The inner side of the gloves should have a really soft material. This can prevent any itching from happening and also wick any moisture or sweat out.

Look for any perforations as they will help reduce the sweat significantly. There should not be huge amount of friction between the skin and the glove. For a comfortable experience, a little bit of grip is desirable, more than enough can ruin everything.


The outer grip is as important as the inner grip. In fact, more important than the inner grip, the best gaming gloves focus on the optimum amount of grip for the best experience.

A good grip is provided around the palm areas so as to hold the game controller effectively.

Comparing different gaming gloves

Looking at all the different aspects and prices I have listed down my top three choices of gloves for gaming.

I will also talk about why I choose these three gloves.

Foamy Lizard

The gloves provide the best grip and comfort. There are no fingertips so that you can feel the texture of the consoles. The silicon padding is called Hexatech and provides a superior grip. The cloth is breathable for sweat resistance.

The price is $24.99 which makes them quite expensive to buy. They are available on Amazon and some other online platforms also.

Copper Compression

As the name suggests, these are compression gloves for curing arthritis. They can help eliminate pain while long hours of playing. Although not made for gaming, these gloves are the best option available for gamers for superior grip. The fabric they are made out of is very soft. Copper is infused in the gloves for medical reasons. Although I don’t see any benefit in that.

The price starts around $23.95 and they are available on Amazon.

Elite Performance Generation

Exclusively made for gamepad gaming, these should take the first position. But just because they are not fingertip-less, they are not ideal for PC gamers. And on the downside, the gloves are very prone to sweating.

Company also offers 6 different choices of sizes and plenty of color options. As the gloves cover full hand sweating and true tactile feel can create some problem.

Prices start from $26.33 which can make them expensive. But the design will compensate for that.

Final Verdict

My final verdict relies on the fact that you should look for a glove that is light, durable, and breathable. I would go for Foamy Lizard gloves as they feature a fingertip-less design; the fabric is breathable and thin. Once you buy them, sweaty hands will not be a problem. I would suggest you buy them right away as they are very affordable and easy to get.

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“You must have a pair of gaming glove” is a bit overstated statement. But this statement stands right when you have are a full-time gamer. As discussed in the article good pair of gloves is important for excellent response time. This article of best gaming gloves will introduce you the best available options for you.

If you were questionable earlier, now you know what you should be looking for. If you are still skeptical, then you should look for an offline store and buy a pair of gloves there. At least find a model that fits your size.

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