Best Hockey Gloves 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

To every player, their sports gears mean a lot to them, and why wouldn’t they? These are molded into memories from different games. One would have an attachment to them, and evidently, in a game such as Hockey, one of the most crucial parts is the glove.

It protects the hands from sticks and pucks and prevents severe injury. The hockey gloves are vital for players, and one needs to understand how to differentiate between glove choices. 

Hockey Gloves are prone to tear and wear after every other season because of drastic use, but you would not want to invest so much in them. That is why we will discuss the 10 best hockey gloves with you to make you chase easier.

It is understandable that with so many varieties of gloves available in the market, it gets confusing. The best gloves come with different perks to the user, such as durability, high quality, better grip, better control over movement, sweat resistance, and much more. 

The player needs their consistent concentration in the game, and gloves can not take that away; however, if it does not fit right or slips off, that would create distractions. That is why these below-mentioned post of best hockey gloves are what you need to add to your cart. 

Image Product Detail Price

Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves

  • Franklin Sports is considered one of the most reliable and popular sports brands of all time. This product ensures a comfortable experience for a longer time. They come in diverse sizes, and you will have no problem in choosing yours.
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Harrow Field Hockey Glove

  • A comfortable glove that protects your hands while feeling great against the skin is a rare combination; however, this product by Harrow says otherwise. It has a high-density foam that allows for comfort and a ventilated palm.
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Grays Anatomic Pro Field Hockey Glove for Left Hand

  • If you are looking for a left-hand hockey glove, the grays anatomic Pro is one of the best choices. It is comfortable and durable, with the additional benefit of being breathable. This product comes with the best protection.
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Mylec Elite Street/Dek Hockey Gloves

  • It provides you with an adjustable wrist feature that benefits you positively in Hockey. A slipping glove or a loose fit is always a distraction during games; that is why this hockey glove comes wrist-roll secure fit.
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Hummingbird Sports for Girls Genuine Leather Lacrosse and Field Hockey Gloves

  • It isn’t easy to find gloves exclusively made for girls keeping in mind their requirements. Hummingbird made that happen. This hockey glove is exceptionally comfortable and smooth against the skin; it does not cause any skin issues or blisters.
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WARRIOR 2017 Evo Gloves

  •  The WARRIOR 2017 Evo Gloves do precisely that and more and ensure that any player wearing these gloves can be at their optimum level while playing the game.
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Byte Field Hockey SKINFIT Gloves Black Green

  • The Byte Field Hockey SKINFIT Gloves are the most suitable for a warm match day where you would still require some amount of protection and control over your game.
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CCM Tacks 4Roll Hg4iii Junior Hockey Gloves (HGT4R-JR)

  • The CCM Tacks 4Roll Hg4iii Junior Hockey Gloves are perfect for giving the youth the confidence to play and endure without the risk of getting any injuries that might turn out to be severe in the long run.
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STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Glove

  • The STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Glove provides you with the perfect blend of both anatomical and tapered profiles. It can be considered the ideal hockey gloves that protect your hands and provide you with superior control over the ball.
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Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Gloves (14 Inch – Black)

  • The Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Gloves come with a Sanitizer treatment that keeps your hand and gloves fresh at all times by preventing odor-causing bacterial growth inside the gloves. The rest of the glove is filled with medium density foams that are reinforced with PE inserts.
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10 Best Hockey Gloves

1. Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves

10 best hockey gloves

Worth Buy

  • It prevents overheating and ensures that your hand does not sweat; it keeps your hands cool and dry. Franklin made the gloves with polyester and synthetic material, ensuring a longer service expectancy. 

It comes with a high-density full flex anatomical taper and a SHOK-SHORB pad providing you the protection you need during your games. Even during practice, you need your glove to ensure that you do not undergo any harm, and that is why this glove confirms a durable quality for all your hockey endeavors. Your glove mustn’t restrict your movement, and Franklin ensures you the optimum flexibility. 

It comes with a short cuff around the wrist to enable the best movement; it is lightweight and does not feel like a burden. We get concerned about the fitting of gloves, but this product is fit for all; even if you have small hands now, there is no need to worry because the Franklin hockey glove takes the shape of the hand’s outline giving it the perfect fit. No amount of collision during practice will bruise your hand severely.


  • It is a polyester and synthetic material.
  • It has SHOK-SHORB padding.
  • It has a short cuff lining.


  • This product is not ideal for larger hands. 

2. Harrow Field Hockey Glove

10 best hockey gloves

Worth Money

  •  The product ensures that you stay away from bruises and hurt by protecting you from a collision. It ensures a snug fit and has a thumb hole that provides for more comfort. This stylish looking hockey glove has undergone beyond measures to offer you the best glove experience.

The vital aspect of sports gear is its durability, and this product ensures just that. It is especially ideal for high school students who continuously practice and play in Hockey inter-school matches. This product provides the grip required for a player. You need not worry about palm-sweating in tension and heat because it is heatproof and keeps your hands cool and dry. It comes in both small and large sizes and offers a choice in colors. It is a left-hand hockey glove designed exclusively for indoor and outdoor Hockey.

It feels like a warm hug around the hands and prevents any blisters. The quality of the material is excellent, and that is why you need not worry about additional skin issues. The protection is adequate even though it does not give any extra protection to the thumb. Otherwise, it is a fantastic hockey glove. 


  • It has high-density foam.
  • It has a ventilated palm.
  • It has a reinforced thumb hole.


  • It has no thumb protection, so it is not ideal for those with a weak grip.

3. Grays Anatomic Pro Field Hockey Glove for Left Hand

10 best hockey gloves

Must Try

  •  Your glove must be preventing any harm caused to you due to the sticks or pucks during your games. The Grays hockey glove has a lycra construction that makes your glove flexible and ensures easy movement.

It has a knuckle mold giving you the perfect grip and control over your game.

The design is not complicated, and the simple patterns make it easy to use. It is true to the size, which means you do not have to worry about ordering a size up or low to get it right. It is perfect for all weathers; you can have a cool and dry hand during summers and be sure of a warm hand during winters; it is due to the hockey glove’s Climagrip palm feature. The hockey glove comes in different colors and sizes that you can choose from; without worrying about anything. 

It is a half finger glove with synthetic pitches that resist abrasion. The glove ensures stability and makes it easier to handle the stick with its close lycra fitting. It only comes with the left-hand glove.


  • It has a lycra construction.
  • It is breathable and works in all weather conditions.
  • It has a Climagrip palm feature.


  • This product does not protect the full finger. 

4. Mylec Elite Street/Dek Hockey Gloves

10 best hockey gloves


  •  The glove’s rugged Nash palm prevents the product’s wear and tear, making it durable and long-lasting. One has to change even the best of gloves after a few years, so spending a lot is unreasonable. 

The foam padding on the hockey glove makes it immensely comfortable. It ensures an excellent performance because it is lightweight and could not restrict your movements. It is stable and flexible and gives you better control of your grip. In a game such as Hockey, bruises are inevitable, but you can protect your hands from grievous hurt with the right glove. This product offers protection that you need during your game. With its streamlined design, it is not only a stylish glove but also a useful one.

This product is pocket friendly and comes with terrific features. This hockey glove might feel a bit expensive, but this is durable and offers a much longer service span, and that is why it is a good investment and saves you a lot of money in the long run.


  • It has an adjustable wrist-roll feature.
  • It uses high-quality material.
  • It has a rugged Nash palm.


  • It might be too tight for some. 

5. Hummingbird Sports for Girls Genuine Leather Lacrosse and Field Hockey Gloves

10 best hockey gloves

Excellent Product

  • It ensures excellent grip control, preventing slipping mishaps during the game. These gloves make sure that the hold over the stick is adequate and effective. An essential part of a glove is its flexibility, and this product offers the best of it. 

You do not want your glove to restrict your movements, and that is why this glove is the best choice for you. It is breathable and ensures a cool and dry experience. During the winters, it keeps the hand warm preventing cold or shivers. A cold climate can affect the quality of performance, but this glove keeps you warm and cozy and gives you the confidence to win your game. It has a high-quality madding making it comfortable and easy to use. They protect the hands from bruises from sticks and are lightweight and easy to handle. 

Hummingbird made their gloves with a combination of genuine Cabretta Leather and Lycra Mesh. It provides ventilation and flexibility. These great gloves are available in different colors and sizes, giving you a wide range of choices. 


  • It has genuine Cabretta Leather and Lycra Mesh.
  • It is breathable and flexible.
  • It gives the perfect grip-control.


  • The padding needs increment. 

6. WARRIOR 2017 Evo Gloves

10 best hockey gloves

Worth Buy

  • These gloves are as good as they come with their premium material and efficient design, including a new bone system that protects all the key areas. It further improves the grip on the hockey stick.

Any professional Hockey player needs to have a pair of gloves that provide them with ample protection and make sure that their hands are comfortable throughout the match.

The gloves come with a great blend of foam pads, making them extremely suitable for intense hockey games, as they provide an adequate amount of protection in all the right places. They use a new and unique Bone System Technology that boosts defense performance around the critical impact areas like the fingers and knuckles. The gloves are also double-layered, which means that they protect your hands from both cold and hard impacts during the game.

These excellent gloves also come with the new D30 aero foam cushioning system, which provides excellent low-impact defense against bruises. The gloves feature an AX Suede Technology on the palm that gives you a stable and firm grip of the hockey stick while you play. The glove material is lined with Wartech FNC Liner, which breathes and wicks and prevents moisture and foul odor. The glove features the Cage FLX system, which enhances the flexibility on the hand, making it mobile and more comfortable with making swift movements.


  • It comes with Bone System Technology for the protection of essential areas.
  • Wartech Liner enhances ventilation and keeps hands dry.
  • Its Cage FLX system increases flexibility and mobility.


  • It might be a bit smaller for some people.

7. Byte Field Hockey SKINFIT Gloves Black Green

10 best hockey gloves


  • The gloves aren’t thick enough for cold enough, but they will indeed perform exceptionally against astroturf burns while also protecting you from the impacts of the ball or a hockey stick.

The gloves are not meant for the cold weather as they won’t provide much protection against the cold, but they are sure to do the job on a warm matchday. You can rely on these gloves for a superior grip on the hockey stick and have the level of control you need.

There are various other benefits that the glove provides. They come with a silicone palm design that ensures a firm grip on the hockey stick without fail, enhancing your control throughout the game. They also reduce the vibration received from the stick, which causes a lot of fatigue, giving you the strength boost you require. The gloves use breathable material between the fingers that increase the ventilation, keeping your hand dry and fresh.

The Byte Field Hockey SKINFIT Gloves also use an adjustable velcro closure, giving you a secure and tight fit around your wrist and ensuring that the gloves stay on throughout the match. You can rely on these gloves anytime to accompany you to a warm day game and provide you with ample protection.


  • It comes with a silicone palm design.
  • It protects from turf burn.
  • It uses breathable material, increasing ventilation.


  • It won’t protect you from cold weather.

8. CCM Tacks 4Roll Hg4iii Junior Hockey Gloves (HGT4R-JR)

10 best hockey gloves


  • These gloves have been designed to protect the youth and are appreciated by parents all around. But the gloves are sure to appeal to the taste of its targeted audience as well, i.e., the youth players.

The CCM Tacks 4Roll Hg4iii Junior Hockey Gloves are trusted by parents worldwide for their sons and daughters to participate in Hockey games and have a safe game to enjoy every aspect of the game. The protection and control it provides to the youth player make it easier for them to keep practicing and prosper in the future. The gloves are lightweight and yet, secure at the same time. It comes with PE foam and insertions on the fingers and the backhand that keeps the hand safe from the game’s rough and tumble.

The gloves’ open cuff helps the youth players be free with their movements and manipulate the equipment properly. The CCM Tacks 4Roll Hg4iii Junior Hockey Gloves come with a nash on the palm, which is soft and gives superior grip over the hockey stick. These gloves are perfect and can be trusted to boost youth players’ performance with how well they have been designed to cater to the different needs of the youth players.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Its open cuff enhances mobility.
  • It is durable.


  • It is a bit expensive.

9. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Glove

10 best hockey gloves


  • The glove features a combination of a tapered cuff that provides an increased range of motion and an incredibly anatomical back-of-hand, enhancing your control over your play that makes it one of the best hockey gloves that you can have.

The STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Glove also comes with a unique Super Fabric that features a highly abrasion-resistant material around the critical wear zones. This feature results in the increased longevity of the palms while protecting the palms to the greatest extent. It is a very convenient piece of equipment, coming with a secure location for storing your mouthguard when you are not using it. The gloves come with a single seam on the palm. The reduction of seams on the connecting zones gives the player exceptional control. The gloves use a proprietary lightweight foam that exceptionally increases high energy impact absorption, providing protection keeping the gloves light.

The glove uses open stitching in the knuckle break, which increases the range of motion and mobility of the fingers, providing exceptional control to the wearer. It also comes with a patented technology that provides a thoroughly articulating and hyper-lock thumb, which increases the control even further. The gloves come with numerous features making it one of the best hockey gloves there is.


  • It features patented technology, namely, Cable Flex Thumb.
  • The gloves’ Super Fabric provides excellent protection.
  • It is very durable.


  • It is a bit expensive.

10. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Gloves (14 Inch – Black)

10 best hockey gloves


  • The Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Gloves are an exceptional pair of gloves for hockey players who want to enhance their play with superior control and adequate protection of their hands.

They provide top-tier protection and moisture management while keeping your hands as comfortable as they can be. PE protection has been adopted throughout the glove, and the backhand has been reinforced with double-layered pads to protect the hands’ most common impact zones. The glove is sure to protect your hand from every aspect of danger.

Synthetic overlays are strategically placed on high wear areas that prevent abrasions, while Pro Cable mesh makes up for the gloves’ exterior. The cable mesh also enhances the gloves’ breathability and flexibility, increasing the mobility of the wearer’s hands. The gloves improve the style of playing significantly.

The Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Gloves also come with a nash palm, which offers a firm and sturdy grip of the hockey stick at all times of the game and enhances the gloves’ durability to great extents while protecting the palm. The gloves are undoubtedly one of the most suitable gloves for any hockey player.


  • It comes with Sanitizer treatment.
  • Its PE inserts provide excellent protection.
  • Its nash palm offers a fantastic grip.


  • It isn’t very durable.


Hockey is a very fast-paced game that requires a lot of control over your body and grip strength, and protection is one of the critical factors since there is always a chance of getting injured in this sport. Having the right kind of equipment during a game always helps players be at their optimum level and the adequate confidence boost required for them to play at their best. A suitable hockey glove is almost imperative in a hockey game since it provides your hand with the protection it needs while also keeping them comfortable to perform well throughout the game. 

There are many features that a hockey glove brings to the table, and every player seeks different gloves according to the traits they come with, and they greatly enhance the performance of one. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when looking for the best glove. To make the process of choosing the best hockey glove, we have presented you with the 10 best hockey gloves of 2021.