Best Latex Gloves – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Latex gloves, made from natural rubber, are the most commonly used disposable gloves in the medical field and various other areas because of its round-the-clock availability and low price.

It is more comfortable to use and is extremely flexible when compared to different types of medical gloves. Latex gloves can be used for a long time without any discomfort. Primarily used in the medical field, Latex gloves are useful for sensitive work as they offer more precision with high tactile sensitivity.

While there are standard latex gloves primarily suitable for the medical field, there are gloves that have various other primary uses. 

However, the rise in latex allergy because of the natural proteins in them, among people, has forced workplaces to replace it with other alternatives. Nevertheless, latex is still preferred by many, and this guide outlines the best latex gloves in the market.

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Dealmed Disposable Latex Exam Gloves

  •  Made with a highly flexible fit and beaded cuffs, these gloves offer optimal strength and covering, while ensuring they are a snug fit to the wearer’s hands.
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Nivera Reusable Rubber Latex Gloves

  • Nivera Reusable Latex gloves are a pair of multipurpose latex gloves that can be used for a variety of chores such as cleaning, washing, gardening, grooming, etc.
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Frabble8 Gardening Rubber Latex Gloves

  • Made of high-grade natural rubber latex, these gloves are double layered for maximum protection. The inside palms and fingers are covered with a slip-resistant textured latex for maximum grip.
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Vivid HealTouch Green Non-Sterile Latex Exam Gloves

  • Vivid HealTouch Green Non-Sterile Latex Exam Gloves are a pair of multipurpose latex gloves that can be used for various applications such as treating injuries, cleaning, washing, etc.
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Woogor Reusable Waterproof Household Latex Hand Gloves

  • Woogor Waterproof Latex Gloves are a pair of multipurpose latex gloves that can be used for all household work. Made of 100% Natural Latex, these full-sized gloves are protected by velveteen rubber.
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Spontex Wash – Ups (Anti Slip) Latex Gloves

  • Spontex Wash – Ups (Anti Slip) Latex Gloves are multipurpose latex gloves that are extensively used for household activities.
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Adenna Phantom 6 mil Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves

  • Adenna Phantom 6 mil Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves are high-grade latex gloves by Adenna, which has been delivering quality gloves throughout the years.
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Aurelia Vibrant 9822 Latex Gloves

  • Aurelia Vibrant 9822 Latex Gloves are disposable gloves which are extensively used by the medical professionals. It is comfortable to wear and is ambidextrous
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Fortane Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

  • Fortane Reusable gloves are flock lined with a rolled cuff for comfortable wear and comfort and have an anti-slip pattern for better grip, abrasion, and strong puncture-resistance.
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MedPride General Purpose Powdered Latex Gloves

  • MedPride General Purpose Powdered Latex Gloves are well used by professionals from various fields. Available in different sizes, these gloves are incredibly comfortable and can fit like a second skin.
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10 Best Latex Gloves

1. Dealmed Disposable Latex Exam Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Worth Buy

  • Dealmed disposable gloves are ambidextrous and provide complete protection from the surface they are in contact with. They are powder-free, making them much comfortable to use.

Dealmed Disposable Latex gloves are multipurpose gloves that can be used in Hospitals, Law Enforcement, Restaurants, Tattoo shops, Janitorial services, etc. These gloves also provide tactile sensitivity for delicate use. They are less susceptible to leaks and breaks. 

As these gloves are available in multiple shapes and sizes, these gloves can be used by anyone. One of the main advantages of this product is that it does not emit any odour even after prolonged use. Dealmed Disposable Latex Exam Gloves are one of the most preferred medical gloves available in the market. 

2. Nivera Reusable Rubber Latex Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Rough and Tough

  • The gloves are puncture-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and are highly stretchable. It has a soft velveteen flock lining to keep the wearer’s hands clean and dry.

This pair of latex gloves do not have any direct medical application. These gloves are flexible and have a natural hand shape for 100% comfort. It has an anti-slip design, which ensures the gloves fit snugly on the wearer’s hands and is tight enough not to slip off. They have grips along the fingers and palms to avoid slippage under soapy water. 

Its inner layer also ensures that the gloves do not emit any odour. One of the main features of this pair of gloves is that it has sleeves that extend up to the elbows, which is an added advantage for safety and comfort. Nivera Reusable Rubber Latex Kitchen Gloves are one of the most preferred kitchen gloves. 

3. Frabble8 Gardening Rubber Latex Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Worth Money

  •  Being abrasion-resistant and puncture-resistant, they are chemically treated for increased durability and to improve fat-resistance and oil-resistance.

Its curling edge design makes it easy to wear and gives a soft and comfortable feel. Because of its dual-layer, chances of holes popping up are second to none. The outer later is having a Diamond shape Granule structure while the inside is of a soft lining. This makes the gloves comfortable to wear and ensures it does not emit any odour. The gloves are 14 inches long, making them suitable for many applications such as food processing, catering, and general household usage. They are available in a universal size, which fits everyone except people with large hands. The gloves come in packs of one, three, five, and ten pairs and are among the most preferred gardening gloves.

4. Vivid HealTouch Green Non-Sterile Latex Exam Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Comfortable One

  • VIVID gloves are incredibly comfortable and can be used for a long time without any complications.  The gloves are powder-free and are stretchable to fit the hands like a second skin. 

As they are made of pure latex, they are incredibly flexible and coated with Aloe Vera, something different from other similar latex gloves. Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties, and they are inducted into the gloves to keep the wearers’ hands safe.

The aloe vera gives a distinct smell, which ensures that no bad odour is coming out. These gloves are available in various sizes and can suit almost everyone’s hands. Being ambidextrous, these gloves are preferred by a lot of people, especially for their healing properties courtesy aloe vera.   

5. Woogor Reusable Waterproof Household Latex Hand Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Runner Up

  • They provide dexterity and are lightweight. The inner palm and fingers have a textured grip to hold on to surfaces while using slippery objects. They are reusable and comes in a universal size that fits everyone.    


 They are incredibly durable and have long sleeves, which protects the sleeves from getting wet and ensures 100% protection. Having antibacterial properties, the gloves are resistant to chemicals and detergents, and the wearers’ hands are protected from soap, detergent, oil, or any components that can harm the natural integrity of the hands.

The inner layer of the gloves has a delicate lining with velveteen coating, which makes it comfortable to wear and take them off. It also ensures that the hands are not sweaty and are always soft and clean.

6. Spontex Wash – Ups (Anti Slip) Latex Glove

10 best latex gloves

Best of all

  • Gloves are specially designed to make washing clothes and dishes easier. It also protects the users’ hands from coming in contact with any bacteria such as while painting etc.

These gloves use features such as 3-D Anti-Slip Grip on the inner palm and fingers, which enables the users to hold onto the dishes even in water and Express drying technology, which allows the gloves to dry up twice as fast as a standard glove.

However, the gloves are not oil-resistant and grease-resistant and would become spoilt on prolonged exposure. This has severely limited the applications of these gloves in other fields. Nevertheless, it is well used for various household works and has been a favorite brand of gloves throughout the years.

7. Adenna Phantom 6 mil Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves

10 best latex gloves

High quality

  • Gloves are incredibly stretchable, flexible, and have extreme dexterity and ambidextrous properties and are hence used in various law enforcement agencies as well.

These gloves are powder-free and black, which is not seen in any other brand of gloves. Because of this distinct colour, they are not used in the medical field. They have various applications in the tattoo parlour, body art parlour, hair salon, beauty parlours, etc., who use this colour as a means to mask the colour of dyes, stains, and inks during use.

The gloves have the lowest allowable protein content to minimize the effect of latex allergy on the wearers. The gloves are available in various sizes, from small to extra-large, and have a fully textured finish with a superior grip on both wet and dry objects. However, they are not strong enough to handle heavy objects and would tear while using. Nevertheless, it is still used by a lot of professionals all over the world.

8. Aurelia Vibrant 9822 Latex Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Best to Buy

  • Being abrasion-resistant, it has better puncture-resistance and has maximum elasticity and quality. Because of these features, they are also used for dental applications.

 These powder-free disposable gloves are textured on the inner palms, fingertips, and fingers for extended grip for wet applications, unlike other gloves that are textured only on the palms and fingers.

These gloves are available in various sizes, one of the first medical and dental fraternity choices. They can also be used in other settings as they are indeed a versatile one. However, these gloves have been said to create extremely high allergic reactions to wearers’ skin, not being comfortable with the material.

9. Fortane Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Durable One

  • Fortane Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves is a common name in every Indian household. Made of 100% natural latex, these gloves are durable, thick, and are fully reusable.

 Being extremely flexible, these gloves have an anatomically shaped design for maximum comfort. Because of this design, they have a lot of household applications such as dishwashing, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning toilets, gardening, washing clothes, etc.

Fitting perfectly on the wearer’s hands, these gloves are highly stretchable. The presence of a flock liner in the glove, combined with the latex film’s flexibility, makes it a well-preferred latex cleaning glove. These gloves offer protection from infections, chemicals, sharps, and other sharp objects. Though it is a well-preferred glove, it comes in only one universal size, making it not suitable for everyone. Users, before buying, have to ensure the measurement of their hands before purchasing one.  

10. MedPride General Purpose Powdered Latex Gloves

10 best latex gloves

Runner Up

  • They are highly flexible and provides tactical sensitivity, which makes working with it more efficient. These gloves are having medical-grade puncture-resistance, which is an added advantage.

As these gloves are made of 100% natural powdered latex without any other materials, wearers are more prone to severe allergic reactions from latex. The gloves are of high-quality latex and are durable for the first use. With 5mm thickness, they won’t feel bulky at all and is ambidextrous. Unlike most disposable gloves that can be reused at least once, these gloves are strictly for one-time use. These features make MedPride gloves an indispensable part of the medical and dental fraternity. 

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Buyers’ Guide

What all factors have to be looked into while buying a pair of Latex gloves

Latex gloves have been replaced by other materials such as Nitrile, PVC, Vinyl, etc., which are more user friendly than latex gloves. However, it is still preferred by many who wants flexibility and natural feel. Latex gloves are extensively used by medical professionals as well as in homes for various uses. Latex gloves can create latex allergy among users who are allergic to rubber and latex. While this can be avoided by buying nitrile or vinyl gloves, there are latex gloves in the market, which promises fewer chances of allergic reactions. Before purchasing a pair of latex gloves, it is essential to understand the factors that must be considered before purchasing one.

  • Application: While most of the latex gloves are multi-purposed, some gloves can only be used for some applications only. Medical latex gloves can be used for other purposes such as in hair salons, tattoo parlours, etc., but if used in the kitchen, they might tear soon. Simultaneously, the gloves used in the kitchen cannot be used in hospitals due to their size, shape, and thickness, which do not promote tactical sensitivity. Hence, it is essential to understand the need of the glove before choosing one.
  • Disposability- The majority of the latex gloves available in the market are disposable as they mainly cater to the healthcare workers. Some brands promise a little durability for their disposable gloves. The gloves used for kitchen applications are incredibly durable as their interaction with the kitchen equipment does not create any harm for the wearer or environment. So, the question arises which one is the most required. It also has to be noted that the disposable ones are relatively cheaper with the non-disposable durable ones.
  • Layering- Latex gloves come in two different types. There are supported latex gloves, which have another material inside to make the gloves soft and comfortable to use, and unsupported latex, which is made of just latex. The medical latex gloves are usually made of a single unsupported layer of latex as they are disposable and non-durable. The kitchen and gardening latex gloves have an extra layer of cotton or similar materials to absorb sweat and make the hands dry for prolonged use. 
  • Shape and Size- Most disposable latex gloves come in various sizes, from small to extra-large. This makes them easily accessible and usable by every people. It creates a perfect fit and promotes movability and tactical sensitivity. However, these disposable gloves cover only till the wrists, while the rest of the arms are unprotected. This makes the usage of disposable gloves in household activities.
  • On the other hand, the gloves used for household activities usually have a universal size, making it difficult for people with small hands to wear as it comes off. These gloves are lengthier up to 14 inches and offer protection till the wearer’s elbows. This protects the wearer from wetting the cuffs or coming in contact with bacteria.
  • Features- Latex gloves have mainly three features. These gloves can come as either powdered or unpowdered.  Corn-starch or Silicon is used as a powder in latex gloves to make them easy to wear and remove. Though this has removed the typical latex odour, this has increased the number of latex-allergic wearers. Unpowdered latex gloves are mainly used thought they make the hands sweaty and uncomfortable after prolonged use. Powdered latex should only be used to handle chemicals or any related elements. The second main feature is flexibility. Latex is a highly flexible material, and the main reason why they are preferred over other materials of gloves is its extended flexibility. The third main feature is texturing. Not all latex gloves are textured. Texturing allows the wearers to use the gloves in all kinds of environments, wet or dry. This also enables the user to have a clear grip and pick up all sorts of objects. While some gloves offer texture on the inside palm and fingers, some gloves have texture in the fingertips.

Which is the best pair of Latex gloves? 

It is not easy to choose a pair of latex gloves without taking into consideration the above factors. Latex gloves can only be selected if the wearer does not have a latex allergy. If yes, its always better to choose gloves made of other alternatives such as nitrile, vinyl, or PVC. Of all the factors to be considered, the required application is the most important as the gloves can only be chosen based on that.

It is always a huge debate when choosing the best latex gloves, as it is more of a personal choice based on the applications. This guide outlines the best latex gloves and helps users understand the factors to consider before purchasing one.