Best Longboard Slide Glove – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to start longboarding, but you’re scared to get injured? We got you covered. In this article, we have a list of Best Longboard Slide Gloves, which are most beneficial for your protection and security.

You can slide your longboard without any concern. As this quote suggests, “If you insist on wearing gloves, make sure they match your pursuit” in the same manner, for your safety, find the best glove and protect yourself from injuries.

We will help you find a glove that is in your budget, high-quality, and from a trustworthy brand. For the purchase of a slide glove, great quality is recommended as a low-quality glove can be harmful. Many other features are required, which are mentioned in the buying guide. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into it.

Image Product Detail Price

Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

  • Triple 8 is an action sports gear brand that produces high-quality protective gear for skaters, and it is a very trusted brand. It is made with heavy-duty and high-quality materials, which can make you confident while riding.
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Loaded Boards Freeride Longboard Slide Glove 

  • Loaded is a brand that provides promising products. The sliding gloves by this brand are made with synthetic suede. It is lined with vented, cool mesh material that is breathable and makes your hand cooler than in leather.
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Sector 9 BHNC

  • Sector 9 BHNC is a superior quality slider glove. It is affordable with high quality, a rare combination that is proper for you. The availability of color options in it is very aesthetic, cool, and eye-catching.
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Rekon Longboard Skateboard Down Hill Sliding Gloves

  • Rekon is a longboard and skateboard brand that is growing. These gloves are made of leather, a small patch of breathable fabric. Additionally, it has three plastic pucks for finger, thumb, and palm.
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IMPORX Slide Gloves

  • IMPORX has come up with an affordable pair of slide gloves. The fantastic feature of this glove is its pucks. The super hard pucks made of plastic stand up against the friction created with the pavements.
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Nimbus Downhill Gloves

  • Nimbus has brought to you high-quality slide gloves. It is made of microfiber leather, which maintains a modest price. The leather construction makes it more durable and reliable. It comes with an adjustable wrist strap, which makes it stable and flexible.
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LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves with Sliders

  • The most fantastic feature of LOSENKA gloves is its pucks. The pucks are specially designed to create a spark when rubbed against the pavement. It makes the ride so energetic, fun, and fashionable.
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7 Best Longboard Slide Gloves 2020

Here is the list of the best longboard slide gloves which are reliable and suitable for you. Choose the best for yourself because safety is essential while riding a longboard. 

1. Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

7 best longboard slide gloves

Best Product

  • This pair is a reliable pair with the assurance of durability and quality. The materials used include real premium leather and Kevlar tear-resistant fingertips that can withstand the pavements

Another fascinating fact about this product is the elastic velcro wrist strap, which is user friendly and firm. The pucks are easily replaceable, so if you find them overused, you can exchange them for new ones. The pucks will give you a boost in strength and support. Additionally, a neoprene rubber pad on knuckles and thumb is equipped with a pad that helps to wipe the sweat away. The breathable material will allow your hands to be cool underneath.


  • Replaceable palm, thumb and finger bar puck
  • Adjustable velcro wrist straps
  • Manufacturer’s 180-day limited warranty


  • Velcro wears down and gets damaged.

2. Loaded Boards Freeride Longboard Slide Glove 

7 best longboard slide gloves

Worth Buy

  • It provides comfort along with defense against abrasions or damage. They are slimmer and padded with Poron XRD foam in the palm and knuckle region, which will add to the protection. 

The fascinating feature of reflective accents will enable you to ride even in the dark at night. The presence of Kevlar and Lycra makes it strong enough to bear friction of pavements. The wrist strap makes it easy to adjust the size and make it more reliable. Your ride will be safe with the help of a wrist strap. Moreover, it is durable and long-lasting. This product will ensure safety for your wrist and hand.


  • It consists of breathable material.
  • It is durable and has a Poron XRD foam padding.
  • Elastic wrist strap with sturdy Velcro


  • It may last for a short period.

3. Sector 9 BHNC

7 best longboard slide gloves

Best Buy

  • Its reflective panels allow the rider to ride also in the dark or at night. Additionally, it has terry cloth fingertips, which helps to wipe the sweat away.

The material of it consists of lightweight neoprene that is breathable and flexible. Along with being lined with a high-density, they have anti-vibration foam. Kevlar fingertips help for better protection of fingers. Notably, the Delrin material of palm pucks makes it outstanding. It is perfect for a smooth slide and speed control.


  • Pucks are made of Delrin material
  • It is very affordable.
  • Terry cloth fingertips for perspiration


  • It might not be suitable for beginners.

4. Rekon Longboard Skateboard Down Hill Sliding Gloves

7 best longboard slide gloves

Worth Money

  • It is very affordable and best for new free riders. Also, it allows the cooling effect for your hand. It is long-lasting and provides maximum protection with the help of durable pucks.

Velcro is strong that keeps it in structure and proper shape and ensures stability. All the pucks are held in their place and also helps to slow the speed. The pucks are very tough and durable. Moreover, the overall design and appearance are quite cool and stylish. It’s durable and flexible, which makes it appropriate for beginners.


  • Affordable
  • Best for beginners
  • Leather construction


  • Exposed stitching

5. IMPORX Slide Gloves

7 best longboard slide gloves

Best Product

  • Its secure velcro ensures stability and reliability. The pucks are easily replaceable. The secure wrist straps are designed with metal loops. The fabric of it is very breathable and has four holes for air to keep it well ventilated.

The silicone knuckle padding makes it better for protection. It lacks a sizing option, so it is advisable to measure appropriately before the purchase. Check your size; it should not be too loose or snug as it will be a hazard to safety. It is a penny-saver so that it might lack some features but best for your pocket.


  • Replaceable pucks
  • Breathable and affordable
  • Silicone knuckle padding and sturdy plastic pucks


  • One size available

6. Nimbus Downhill Gloves

7 best longboard slide gloves

Worth Buy

  • The sizes available are small and large. Additionally, it contains breathable mesh holes that allow passage of air, which does not cause a lot of sweat. t consists of a thumb, finger, and palm pucks.

Additionally, it has knuckle padding, which allows for more protection and safety. Moreover, a breathable finger back is a unique feature that decreases precipitation. Notably, it consists of joint sheeting and a finger hole. The silicone material at the back helps for effective shock absorption.


  • Durable pucks
  • Stylish look and adjustable strap
  • Breathable holes


  • Fewer size options

7. LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves with Sliders

7 best longboard slide gloves

Best of All

  • It provides reliable protection to your finger, palms, knuckles, and back of your hand. It is made of microfiber leather and silicone material on the back to protect your knuckles. Moreover, it absorbs shock when you fall or run into something.

As longboarding is a risky sport, padding is very important. It consists of padding across the knuckles, which makes it less risky. The breathable fabric with the flexibility that even controls sweat is incredible to have all in one. Notably, it has detachable pucks that can be replaced easily. It is excellent for beginners, and an affordable price makes it stand out from others.


  • Sparking and removable pucks
  • Breathable and microfiber leather
  • Ensures full protection


  • Not long-lasting

Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting to learn how to ride a longboard or want to be an expert. For having a Best Longboard slide Glove, you need to keep certain important factors in your mind. There are various types of longboard slide gloves that come for different skill levels and purposes. 

The pros and cons mentioned in this article about the 7 Best Longboard Slide Gloves will help for a better and correct choice. Because of the wide variety of gloves present in the market, we are here with a Buying guide that will be a great source of information. We will help you look out for better quality and suitable gloves for your best longboarding experience.

  • Parts of the Gloves

There are three main components in a longboard slide glove that makes them suitable for your use. Firstly, the glove itself- the material of the glove is an essential factor. The material shows the durability and performance of the glove. If the material is not durable, it will not perform the way you expect it to be. 

Secondly, the quality and safety assured by the glove. It consists of a wrist strap that ensures security. The firmness and snugness of the strap will improve stability and balance. Additionally, it will protect your wrist while performing tricks and slides.

Thirdly, the puck of the longboard slide glove. It is made of durable plastic that provides low-friction slides. This part allows you to slide smoothly. 

  • Material

They are manufactured with the help of different kinds of material or a combination of fabrics and materials. This will help to provide padding, security, and versatility. Furthermore, Kevlar in the fingers’ tip is a quite common design as this material is tear-resistant. It can protect your fingers from any contact with the ground. 

Leather, nylon, and suede are common and familiar choices for the main glove. Along with neoprene and silicone around the knuckles adds a layer of protection. Especially the foam padding makes a difference in the performance. Some materials are explained in detail below:

  1. Kevlar

The most affordable option that can last for an extended period if taken with great care. It is tear-resistant and better than ordinary materials. It is durable and flexible. Moreover, this material is most prevalent and advisable.

  1. Cloth

The cloth material is very breathable and easy to work. Moreover, it is suitable for both hot and cold weather. It is cheap and replaceable. So, it will be better for beginners. It is not recommended if safety is the priority because the cloth won’t provide a high level of security.

  1. Canvas

It ensures excellent safety and security for the slider. It is affordable and suitable for free-riders.

  • Price

The cost is a critical factor for purchasing any item. Above all, longboard slide gloves are in a wide variety range; the price matters for better quality. Sometimes at a low cost, better quality is provided but not every time. You need to expand the budget for a high-quality product. Generally, low price gloves have a short life span and are less safe to use.

  • Pucks 

The primary component of a longboard slide glove is the puck. They come with a puck in the palm region, and some also provide for thumb and finger. The finger bar and thumb puck add more safety to the slide. An expert will just require the palm puck, but one who is learning or new to this, it is advisable to have additional pucks too.

  1. Positioning

As noted earlier, the puck’s positioning changes in all gloves, and it is a matter of preference. Some riders prefer single palm puck, and some prefer the additional protection of finger and thumb puck. It depends on your confidence level and safety.

  1. Shape

The shape of a puck matters because if the form is not well carved, it might lead to mishaps. The slide puck should have rounded edges without any disruption in the corners. The beveled edge will prevent the opposing force and will help you slide smoothly. Also, some brands provide square edges that are not recommended. It can be easily stuck in the pavements or in some cracks which lead to accidents.

  1. Materials

The material makes a huge difference as it also affects the lifespan. Long-chain polymers are an excellent choice for these times, and UHMW thermoplastic is a promising new material. The longevity and performance depend on this factor.

Here are some materials used for pucks:

  1. PU(Polyurethane)

Some cheap sliding gloves might use PU because it is cheap and affordable plastic to make and cut. It damages pretty fast and does not last for an extended period. It depends on the frequency of your sliding. This material might meld at high speed, and it is not a solid material. It is recommended if your budget is pretty low and if you want to use it for a short time. It is not advisable for an extended period.

  1. Delrin

This material is abrasion-resistant and durable. It does not wear fast and lasts for about two to six months. Moreover, it depends upon your usage and frequency. It is undoubtedly better than PU in many ways. Aso, it does not melt at high speed. They are affordable, but prices vary.

  1. UHMW-PE

This material is the most cost-effective and best option of them all. It is short  for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The pucks made of this material are hardest and slickest. Abrasive resistance makes it the most reliable material.

  1. Wrist Strap

The wrist strap function helps to adjust the tightness of the glove. Furthermore, it prevents the glove from falling off. This strap ensures full security and maintains the structure of the glove. It should fit perfectly to the wrist region for safety purposes.

  • Size

The quote, “The gloves are like a second skin,” is not just a quote but a reality. You need a glove that fits perfectly, and you feel like it’s only made for you. It should not be too close-fitting or too big as it can create a problem while performing tricks. Safety issues might occur if a proper size is not in use. You should always look up for manufacturers sizing guides, and measurements should be accurate.

  • Synthetics

Synthetic fabric is a prevalent material choice. Light fabric can reduce costs as well as provide a high amount of protection. Furthermore, some modern materials like ballistic Kevlar and Cordura are light and durable leather. 

  • Leather

Leather sliding gloves appear to be sleeker than synthetics. Its natural toughness and durability make it more suitable. The fit improves over time and will be more fitted to the size of your hand. Premium leather is quite costly, but worth the pay.

  • Stitching

If the stitches are not done adequately, it might lead to the wrong quality glove. It involves placement and should take care of stitched panels all around the palm side. More perfect stitches, better performance and lifespan. Stichting should be durable, and on place, minor fault in stitches may lead to poor quality

  • Fitment

It is not appropriate to think that the longboarding is done by feet; any kind of glove will do. It is a misconception that gloves do not matter; they are equally important and necessary. If it is loose, it will misplace the puck and will be a hazard to safety. It should not be very tight but secure enough.

  • Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial in it. Because if a lot of sweat is present in the glove, it might lead to slipping off. It might result in some mishaps due to precipitation. There should be proper holes for air to pass or a thin portion in some areas, so it is well ventilated.

  • Style

It is not always recommended to go after style, but just in case you are attracted to a stylish product. Some brands provide attractive and cool colors that look fantastic on your hand. It is not an essential factor, but it will make your experience enjoyable.

  • Reflective Panels

This feature allows the rider to ride even in dark and low-light areas. This is a very fantastic feature because it makes the ride safe and unique.

  • Longevity

Longevity means how long it will last for use. It depends on the quality and price. Better the quality more, it will last long.

  • Performance

The performance again is an interrelated factor. It depends on the price and quality. The durable material will help to perform better and to the fullest.

Why Are Sliding Gloves Necessary?

Slide gloves help to protect you from contact with the ground while longboarding. It helps to maintain your balance on the board. Furthermore, it helps to control the motions during the slide. These are a very innovative and supportive mechanism that protects us from injury.

If you are learning how to slide or are already an expert, you will need a slide glove. It is dangerous to ride without them. It is an easy and safe approach if these are at use. Also, a helmet is necessary for full protection. 

For a confidence boost, it is required the most. You will trust yourself while riding, and minimal injuries will occur. You can stop and create sparks and friction with the help of it.


In the conclusion of this detailed article of 7 Best Longboard Slide Gloves. We have discussed the best longboard slide gloves and their pros and cons. You need to understand – why it is important to have one? It is obviously for safety and security, but moreover, it also boosts your confidence and pushes you to try and start riding. After having one of these, you will feel empowered and fearless.

If this safety mechanism is used correctly, it will benefit you a lot. We have provided a perfect buying guide that will lead you to the one suitable for you. Some relevant points like the material because that ensures its longevity and performance. Also, fitment, ventilation, puck material, etc. matter for better functioning. Additionally, colors, reflective panels, and wrist straps will change the whole choice depending on their appearance.

“You cannot make a revolution silk gloves” it is correct to learn new things you will require suitable for that purpose. In the same manner for longboarding, you will need Longboard Slide Gloves. Enhance your experience with this safety mechanism and be fearless. Now you have all the knowledge for finding the best longboard slide glove. Find your match and start longboarding. Enjoy the ride with the slide.