Best Mittens and Gloves For Toddlers – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Winters are just around the corner, and you want your toddler to be warm and cozy during the winters. You have bought everything you can; jackets, coats, sweaters, inner wear, leggings, and whatnot. You are all set and adoring your toddler playing outside in the snow. And suddenly it hits to your attention, where the gloves and the mittens! Now you are confused, while don’t know what to buy to protect your toddler’s tiny little hands.

Dramas aside, if you are looking for a perfect pair of Mittens and Gloves for your little one, then you have landed at the right place. Yes, we are going to review the best mittens and gloves available on Amazon (the biggest marketplace).

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 N’Ice Caps Kids Easy-on Mittens

  • These mittens from N’Ice Caps let your kid play outside in winter snow while keeping his/her warm. The cuffs provided perfectly fit under the cuffs of the jacket for good sealing.
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  Unigear Kids Ski Mittens

  • Unigear makes these mittens solely for use in snowy winter days. 150 g of Thinsulate coating provides good insulation to water and keeps the hands warm. This Thinsulate coating can provide warmth even in a wet environment.
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Stonz Mittz Toddler Mittens

  • Made for kids younger than 2 years of age, these mittens feature a no thumb design which keeps your kid’s hands warm and toasty. No thumb hole with a wide opening makes it easier for you to slide these onto little one’s hands.
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 Freetoo Kid’s Ski Mittens

  • Mittens are made of lightweight thick micro bemberg to keep hands warm and dry in winters and rainy seasons. 320G high-density soft cotton is filled inside for best insulation. This can keep your kid’s hand super warm at dry at even 5 F
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 Gordini Easy on Mitts

  • Gordini Easy on Mitts keeps your kid’s hands dry and warm while they are skiing or boarding. The outer shell fabric is made of polyester with waterproof and windproof properties.
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 MCTi Kids Mittens

  • A good mitten keeps your child’s hands warm, dry, and comfortable. MCTi’s mittens offer all the basic necessities plus they are the softest gloves you can ever find for your child
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Outdoor Research Adrenaline

  • Outdoor Research is known for the durable gloves that it produces with a wide range of variety. The Adrenaline mittens are made in Sri Lanka and exported to the world through their facilities.
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  • SnowStoppers kids waterproof gloves are the first in the list with each individual finger. It gives your kid ample freedom and holds things while playing outdoors.
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  EvridWear Strech Gripper Gloves

  • Although not polyester, the fabric is very durable which is 95% acrylic and 5% spandex. This combo is very stretchable and durable; it fits all the sizes. These the most comfortable gloves on the list.
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  Nuby Soothing Teething

  • The Teething Mitten features soft silicone teething surfaces that help relieve sore gums and protects the baby from scratching. The hygienic travel bag is perfect for on the go. Can be worn on the left or right hand, easy to clean, and is machine washable.
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10 Best Mittens and Gloves for Toddlers in 2020

For those tiny little hands, you need something which is more adorable. But finding the right pair for your purpose is a challenge today with so many options listed online. And you want the best for your kid.

Listed below are the best of the mittens and gloves you can find. We have listed each one of them keeping mind the price, durability, versatility, and many more. Read on to get the best out of all the choices you have. Here is our list of 10 best mittens and gloves for your child.

1.  N’Ice Caps Kids Easy-on Mittens



  • The material they are made up of is very soft and won’t harm the kid’s hands. For grip, there is a non-slip coating over the thumb and palm area

The gloves are waterproof with well-finished stitching, which makes these gloves durable. Insulated with 3M Thinsulate insulation, mittens are perfect for cold-wet situations, kids can play free wearing these gloves.

Gloves have fold-over flaps which makes it very easy to put them on. The stretchable armband ensures that these stay put at their place during the wear. Your kid can wear this in winter, snowstorms, and rainy days and gloves will keep them warm and cozy.

Prices start from $11.99 in the USA.


  •   Have non-slip coating
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Adjustable circle wrap


  • Mitten is a bit bulky

2.   Unigear Kids Ski Mittens



  • There is a long cuff provided with elastic closures to cover jacket and provide an even better feel of warmth. This keeps the heat in and snows out as much as possible.

The company calls the water insulation “Triple Waterproof Protection”. The first barrier being Nylon fabric which prevents the water from getting in and then TPU coating helps even further. Membrane insert wicks out any moisture trapped from the melted snow. These perks make the mittens perfect for snow sports like snowman building, sledding, skiing and etc. Water cannot get inside anyhow.

Mittens have Velcro, zipper, and elastic wrist which makes it easier for anyone to put mittens on. Even the kids themselves can put them on. The easy-access closure is designed to make the process smoother. While the Velcro and elastic wrist can be adjusted to fit any size possible.

Additional features include leather padding under the palm area for improved grip and durability. Reflective strips are placed to avoid any injuries. To save you from losing these mittens, anti-lost strips are attached to both mittens so that you don’t lose any one of them.

Mittens are always true to size and the company also provides a 6 months warranty.

Prices start from $16.99 in the USA


  •  Leather padding for extra durability
  • Easy access zipper for a snug fit
  • Triple waterproof coating


  • Bulky

3. Stonz Mittz Toddler Mittens



  • The cuffs provided on the mittens are designed to go over the cuff of the jacket instead of tucking them in there. The company guarantees a super snug fit with no slippage.

To keep things warmer inside, 150g of 3M Thinsulate is used which reduces a lot of the bulk making the mittens light. Thinsulate also proves to be 100% waterproof which traps the heat inside. The breathable lining prevents any sweat release, with good ventilation. Nylon 600D shell helps in keeping the wind out as it can withstand up to 5000 psi of pressure and the arms will stay warm in all weather conditions.

Mittens come in two sizes but the toggles can be used to custom fit the desired size. These are specifically designed to be worn in colder climates but can also be worn on rainy days.

The price for a pair of these starts around at $23.99 in the US


  • Windproof
  • Withstand extensive use
  • Breathable as well as waterproof


  • Comparatively Expensive

4.  Freetoo Kid’s Ski Mittens



  • The back material is made out of high-density water repellent polyester cloth with high breathability. TPU waterproof membrane is interwoven which helps in preventing external water to get in and ensures drainage of sweat and moisture.

Non-slip and anti-lost labels are also attached to the mittens. A part of the mittens’ palm is covered with ultra fiber wear-resistant leather to prevent slippage while worn. Parents can also write the child’s name on the anti-lost label.

Easily gets over the kid’s jacket or coat with long cuffs. This also prevents the air to sneak in the mittens. For any quick custom fits, wrist buckle and straps are adjustable. The gloves don’t fall easily. Freetoo Kid’s Ski Mittens give 6 months replace and return service warranty with the mittens. The customer service is excellent.

The pricing starts from $25.99 in the US.


  • Good waterproofing
  • Trap heat efficiently
  • Anti-lost label included


  • Bulky and Expensive

5.  Gordini Easy on Mitts



  • Gordini’s mitts are so lightweight that your kid can play around without any hassle of mittens interrupting in the way. Fleece lining is elastic and long enough to be tugged under the jacket’s cuff.

The inserts make it impossible for water to get in while it wicks any sweat out. Microfiber cloth keeps the insulation lightweight and strong. The lining also helps in wicking moisture just like the outer shell. On the downside, mittens don’t have any adjustable straps and anti-lose strings attached.

You can find these mittens available on plenty of sights and they provide the best value for your money.

The pricing for a pair of these starts at about $15.25


  •  Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Hook attached


  • No adjustable strap

6.  MCTi Kids Mittens



  • Gloves are very soft to wear. The company even says that the gloves are made to be worn outside when digging, sledding, and for all other outside sports.

The outer shell is made from Sherpa fleece to keep the weight down while also keeping the moisture out. Perfectly made for outside use as the fabric is durable and water repellent. Effectively preventing the melted snow to wet the upper part of the glove, even nylon fabric produces excellent colors.

A non-slip PU palm maintains the full grip. PU non-slip material is also extended towards each finger, this ensures proper grip. The quality is approved for environment-friendly fabric and the manufacturer provides a warranty or three years for any ripped off issues.

Anti-lost strings keep the gloves intact and the reflector strip ensures that your baby doesn’t get hurt. Reflectors make the gloves visible in foggy areas.

The cuffs are also long enough and can be tugged underneath the jacket’s cuffs. The elastic band prevents the gloves from slipping. There is a buckle also for easy and quick adjustments.

Pricing for a pair of these starts from $19.99, which is quite affordable.


  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty


  •   Restricts movement of hands

7. Outdoor Research Adrenaline



  • These mittens are exclusively made out of 100% nylon/55%PU/45%Polyester. They also have very good reviews on Amazon.

 Nylon and Polyester are for strength and waterproofing. PU provides an excellent grip. Made out of synthetic materials, the gloves get very less dirty and they are machine washable.

Conventional mittens use 50D nylon, Outdoor Research makes it using 70D nylon for the shell. Enduraloft insulation protects your little one’s hands from the cold in winters. The fleece is lined to extra strength. Insulated warm protection from the snow play and water.

The wrist has ample elasticity and cuff can be easily tugged beneath the jacket’s cuff. The zipper provided can further be used for locking the gloves in their place and can be easily removed when unzipped.

Mittens are easily available on Amazon and other stores.

The prices start from $14.85 and go up to $30.


  •  Very durable
  • Long fleece with lining
  • Good value for money


  •  Only available in black color.

8.  SnowStoppers



  • SnowStopper has a patented sleeve design so that the snow doesn’t get between the jacket/coat and gloves. Specially made rolled tips let the kids play without any problem.

Gloves also provide pretty good sealing from water as they are made out of RipStop fabric. It is hard to make small fingers in a glove, SnowStopper that quite efficiently. The palm area is covered with leather texture for good grip. And yes, they are really good at keeping the hands warm too.

The company is offering 7 different color options, the largest you can ever have. The wrist area has elasticity with an adjustable strap for unique fits. The gloves have 4-star rating on the Amazon, which makes them a reliable choice to go for.

The prices for a pair of these starts from $24.95 on Amazon.


  • Fingertip design
  • Many color options
  • Durable material


  • Sometimes hard to put on. (due to fingertip design)

9.   EvridWear Strech Gripper Gloves



  • They are not thick but provide excellent warming effects. As the fabric is quite thin, the gloves are breathable but the disadvantage is that they not waterproof.

Unlike any other gloves in this list of top 10s, EvridWear keeps things really simple. The gloves are the cheapest in the list, they don’t have any waterproofing, gloves are not made from nylon or polyester. But this is what makes them special. They kept everything just adequate to provide optimum usage.

Gloves are ideal to be used in daily use like basic outdoor activities, playing games like soccer, football, and also school. Gloves are able to cover the fingers, so fingers are free to move. I would suggest not to be used these in snowy areas as melted snow can prick inside the gloves to the skin.

There are plenty of vibrant color options and let your kid choose one for himself/herself. Also due to spandex, the gloves can fit almost all sizes.

The price begins at around $12.99 for a pair of three. Which makes them around $4.33 for one pair. That’s really cheap.


  • Light and provide a good degree of freedom
  • Cheap
  • Loads of color options


  • No waterproofing

10.   Nuby Soothing Teething



  • Nuby soothing teething mittens for small babies who are teething, as this time can be a very frustrating period for both the child and the parents. Nuby’s mitten helps in soothing the pain that the child has while teething.

The mittens are specially designed for your child to chew on the tips. The surface is made from soft silicone which is very helpful in relieving the stress of sore gums. This protects the baby from scratching.

Teething Mittens are the best option over traditional teether. Babies can wear them easily and they don’t come off easily. These are not for winters, they are specifically made to serve as a teether. They are also BPA free, which makes them very safe to use.

Other perks include, easily cleanable fabric, hygienic, and durable. Also, there are plenty of color options available. The mittens come with 3 months of warranty.

The price for a pair of these starts at around $9.99 on Amazon.


  • Very good teethers
  • Durable design
  • Many color options available


  • Cannot be used in winters

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The Best Buying Guide

Usually, we start with the “whats” of the product. But you probably know what mittens are and that’s why you are here.

Now the second obvious question is; when to use mittens? Of course winters! But did you know there are different mittens for different purposes. Let’s find out.

The first thing to consider is the age of your kid. If your kid is big enough to hold things then you should be looking for gloves that have fingers.

For really small babies, mittens would just work fine. They are very good are sealing the heat inside the hand.

Babies grow very fast and so their hands. You should be looking for mittens which can be used for at least 2 seasons. As there are some mittens having long cuffs, they can be used for some seasons and your kid won’t have any problem wearing them. Even when you know what to buy, you can’t feel the actual product when shopping online (the biggest downside). This guide will help you through it.

Check for the size chart and look for which size will fit your child. Buy the preferred size.


Kids always want to play in the snow, which is fun but can be dangerous for the kids if exposed for longer durations. For people who stay in snowy areas, buy a pair of mittens which is waterproof. This should be your prime consideration.

Waterproof mittens prevent any melted snow from sneaking in. Let your kids play safe. Materials like nylon, spandex, and Thinsulate make a mitten waterproof.


A good glove or mitten is one that can withstand all the abuse without giving off on the material quality. There is nothing cuter than small gloves on small hands. Materials used should be good enough to keep the mitten/gloves durable.

Materials like cotton, insulation layers, nylon, and good stitching, all account for a good durable mitten. Stitching plays a very crucial role in keeping everything intact. Kids are going to play and the gloves will go under plenty of abuse. Different surfaces, textures, and temperatures, mitten/gloves should be able to withstand each and every one profoundly.

Washability should also be considered, as they are going to be dirty pretty every time your kid goes out to play. The stains should be able to come out easily.

Keeping the Hands Warm

This is the prime reason why you must have considered buying a pair of mittens. Good mittens/gloves are able to trap the hand’s heat inside and prevent the outside cold air to get past through.

Warming capability of mittens is directly proportional to the amount of good insulation. I said good insulation because there are many mittens out there which look bulk but don’t provide any heating effect due to bad insulation. Save yourself from fraud and go for something genuine.

Slipping to often

As kids have really small hands, finding the right size is very hectic. You don’t want to be looking for a pair that slips out of the kid’s hands every now and then.

Look for a glove that gives a very snug fit. It will not only come off less often but also improve the heating effect and water tightness. Many gloves rectify slipping problems by providing extra adjustable straps or zippers. Whatever the solution, this should provide you with plenty of room for adjustments. This is desirable.

Some of the manufacturers take it a step further by also including an anti-lost strap or sometimes a label to put the child’s name.

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The final verdict; you should look for a mitten/glove which is;

a)  Waterproof

b)  Keeps hands warm

c)  Durable

d)  Light in weight


To conclude, your child’s health is your prime consideration. Therefore, you get everything to keep him/her safe during winters. Mittens are most crucial as your child is going to touch everything with hands. Protecting the hands is very important. Try to get the best without taking any chance on the child’s health.

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