Best Motocross Gloves – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Every biker has had calluses develop on their hands while riding. It can get pretty frustrating to keep on cruising through the roads with blisters on your skin and itchiness on your hand, which hinders biking’s purpose and joy.

MotoCross competitors ensure always ensure safety precautions before racing. It is a dangerous sport in which many people get hurt, and without proper protection, it can prove fatal.

Many companies make professional bikers endorse an article of clothing so that their fans can adhere to and buy them when they feel interested.

One of the most important ones is the gloves. MotoCross gloves help the biker fully control their vehicle without sacrificing their concentration in the effort of reviving, braking, or acceleration. Gloves may seem trivial but are essential; the first thing that riders tend to buy are gloves if they are new at the hobby.

There are reasons for that; Gloves are the cheapest gear of all the riding equipment, and they are always used in different ways. If not riding, they can be used as climbing gear, plumbing gear and can also be substituted for cold weather gloves due to their grip and leather quality. 

They are many customization options for them, different sizes, various colors, and other materials used for grips and straps.

Riding gloves can be challenging to choose from; you need a pair that can work in all conditions, have the optimal grip, and fit perfectly. We have classified all the best MotoCross gloves to help you choose what the right one for you is. Let’s take a look at:-

Image Product Detail Price


  • Alpinestars makes premium biker gloves for every size and specification. This product was first available last year and since then has been purchased by bikers and casual riders.
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  • COFIT has designed this particular pair of gloves exclusively for the people who engage in riding, cycling, climbing, and road racing. These gloves have been in the market for less than nine months but have already garnered critical acclaim.
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  • Seibertron has made a pair of gloves that are stylish, affordable, convenient, and durable. This pair was first released two years ago and since then have had tons of positive feedback about them.
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  • The product is primarily made of leather, but the knuckles are made from carbon fiber that protects you from the hardest of impacts. The index finger has touchscreen capability so that you can text and call without removing the gloves
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  • AXBXCX makes gloves that are deep functioning and advanced integrated state of the art technology. The users mainly buy these as riding gloves, but they are also used as cold weather and climbing gloves.
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Troy Lee

  • Troy Lee is a well-known name in the market regarding MotoCross equipment and riding gloves. These particular variants of gloves were first available in October 2019, and users were surprised at the agility and comfort displayed by the gloves.
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ILM Steel Knuckle

  • ILM has made these special gloves in such a way that outlooks like gloves that a professional dirt biker or motocross champion would use. It has sold out every time it had been on sale since its release back in December 2015.
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  • Fly is an elite manufacturing company when it comes to MotoCross equipment production. This variant was released this year and to date does not have that many reviews due to its predecessors, but it’s the latest line in glove technology.
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  • HYDROMATIC is a veteran company when it comes to selling gloves. They introduced this variant of their gloves a decade ago in the year 2009. These gloves are not popular is because the company keeps improving on the same variant.
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Fox Racing

  • Fox Racing is the most well-known company in the manufacturing market regarding dirt biking gloves. Their products have satisfied veterans and beginners alike.
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Top 10 Best MotoCross And Dirt Biking Gloves

1. Alpinestars

top 10 motocross gloves

Best Product

  •  It has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 with a total of 1300+ reviews. Every size from Small to XXXL is available with this manufacturer, and the gloves are unisex so that everyone can experience the joy of riding.

The gloves are made from premium quality leather that provides comfort, protection, and stability when riding. The mesh construction provides advanced maneuverability, stretch, and proper ventilation so that your hands don’t slip off the handle when gripping. The synthetic suede system offers abrasion resistance, while the side padding is resistant to hard impacts.

The knuckles are made from a complex polymer that protects against hard-hitting impacts. The mesh also provides a stretch zone on the fingers and the back of the hand for increased comfort and improved range of motion. There are a hook and loop velcro strap for easy removal.

These gloves range from around $55 to $60, depending on the price and taxes incurred. There are five colors to choose from, so you have style options. These gloves are perfect for users who want to get into MotoCross and are well suited for occasional riders.


  • Polymer knuckles protect against hard impacts.
  • The suede system provides abrasion resistance.
  • Padding on the palms provides grip and comfort.


  • The touch screen feature could be improved.


top 10 motocross gloves

Worth Money

  • It has received an average rating of  4.4 out of 5 stars with 10,000+ reviews. The gloves are well-suited to both men and women, and sizes from Medium to XXL are available with the seller.

The gloves have a hook and loop closure for convenient insertion and removal of the user’s hands. The conductive and absorbent metal fibers in the thumb and index finger provide touch screen capability without removal. Cushioned padding provides impact resistance to the palms and knuckles, and the silicone gel increases grip strength. The air pockets present all over the gloves offer proper ventilation and prevent sweat from accumulation.

The price of these gloves ranges from $24 to $26, depending on the delivery charges and the user’s size. There are more than four colors to choose from per your style, perfect for new users, and intermediate bikers.


  • An excellent choice for beginner riders and intermediate bikers.
  • Provides touchscreen capability and additional grip
  • Hook and loop closure ensures a comfortable fit.


  • The cold weather of withstanding capabilities of the product can be improved.

3. Seibertron

top 10 motocross gloves

Worth Buy

  • They have received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on more than 4500+ reviews. The gloves are unisex and are available from the sizes X-Small to XXL for adults; you can also buy gloves for youth for the same size choices.

The gloves are made of a mix of many state of the art materials: 30% Synthetic Leather,30% Polyamide,15% Neoprene,15% Polyvinyl,10% Polyurethane. These materials help keep the product maintain dexterity, durability, provide comfort, and make it long-lasting. The rubber grip and knuckles protect from impact.

The fingers are padded with silicone and reinforced with Lycra finger gussets so that the gloves fit perfectly without additional effort. The hook and loop velcro strap ensure your hands stay in place without slipping off. The index finger has touchscreen capability so that using your phone is convenient.

The price range generally varies from $18 to $21, depending on the size and taxes. There are a couple of color options available to choose from. There is a warranty period for a whole year, and there is a return policy for the first 30 days of purchase.


  • Synthetic materials ensure strength and protection.
  • Return phase of thirty days and warranty of a year
  • These gloves have a touchscreen capability.


  • You might encounter fitting issues when you do not pick the right size.


top 10 motocross gloves

Best Buy

  • The breathable mesh protects your hands from getting sweaty and allows maximum breathability, while the leather protects you from cold weather.

The velcro strap provides easy fitting and removal of the gloves and also adjusts to your hand size. The suede protection between the thumb and index fingers offer maximum grip. There are three color options available for customization. The price for this product is $19 and can be lowered if you have coupons.


  • Leather made body protects from heat and cold.
  • The carbon fiber knuckles can resist even the most hard-hitting impacts.
  • The breathable mesh prevents hands from getting sweaty and increases gripping power.


  • Extra padding on the fingers will make these gloves perfect.


top 10 motocross gloves

Runner Up

  • They were first released last year and have successfully maintained an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 with over 1500+ ratings. The product is unisex. There are four sizes to choose from Small to X-Large, so there is no fuss for sizing.

The gloves are made from a mix of leather and microfiber that reinforces the palms from hard-hitting impacts and provides added durability. The gloves are touchscreen capable and can help you control your smartphone without removing them. A form-fitting mesh offers a comfortable fit and keeps the hands flexible without an additional pull.

The nylon loop allows you to tighten and loosen the gloves suited to your grip preference. The product is priced at the cost of $20, but an additional charge could be taken for tax and delivery. Small fibers situated in the palms provide ventilation and breathability. There are three colors for style preference, which makes it a perfect selection for a beginner rider.


  • The gloves offer touchscreen capability with added padding on the palms.
  • The form-fitting mesh keeps your hands comfortable when riding.
  • Nylon loops tighten the gloves according to your grip and comfort preference.


  • The warmth providing capability of these gloves can be improved.

6. Troy Lee

top 10 motocross gloves

Worth Buy

  • They have an Amazon rating of  4.4 out of 5 with more than 350+ reviews. There are sizes available from X-Small to XXL, and the gloves are unisex.

The gloves are made of silicone mainly and have a compression-molded cuff, protecting from cold winds while riding high speeds with your bike. A mesh is molded into the glove that offers breathability and ventilation and reduces sweat produced while accelerating and braking. The palm is padded, and there are multiple holes in different areas to allow for air.

The fingers are silicone coated, so they provide stretch, provide stretch, and grip. There are more than 12 color combinations available that are designed according to your styling needs. The gloves cost about $30(variance can be encountered based on stare and tax difference). These MotoCross gloves are better suited to beginners who have not invested their money into other equipment yet can be used by intermediate bikers.


  • Silicone coated fingers provide additional stretch grip and durability to the gloves.
  • More than 12 color combinations to choose from.
  • Padded palms provide cushioning, ventilation, and breathability, while keeping sweat away.


  • Troy Lee can work on this product’s ability to retain heat and trap it.

7. ILM Steel Knuckle

top 10 motocross gloves

Worth Money

  • It has received generally favorable reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out 5 with more than 3200+ reviews. The manufacturers have sizes available from medium to XXL. These MotoCross gloves are best suitable for intermediate and advanced bikers and riders.

The gloves are unisex and are made from top quality leather that is comfortable to wear. The knuckles are made from metal alloys that give it a rustic feel and protect it from hard hits in accidents. The palms blend with leather and plastic and provide grip and anti-slip properties. There is a touchscreen capability for the index finger, so that removing the gloves isn’t necessary.

The palms are built with thicker pads for maximum shock absorption and abrasion resistance. The adjustable cuffs provide loosening and tightening of the wrists, which result in additional gip strength. These gloves range from $18 to $25, depending on the sales’ size and availability. There are more than four color combinations available for your stylish needs.


  • The metal alloy knuckles provide protection and a stylish look.
  • Leather make and padding protect from bruises.
  • Provides touchscreen capability on the index fingers.


  • The water-resistant capabilities of this product can be improved and reworked.

8. Fly

top 10 motocross gloves

Best Product

  • It’s rated 4.3 out of 5, considering 30+ reviews. These gloves are chosen by selecting hand size. The sizes available are from the numbers 7 to 13. These gloves are an excellent investment for beginner riders.

The gloves are unisex and have a padded style throughout their design that secures the hands and provides a comfortable fit. The product does not have bulky materials or padding that allows for a lightweight and minimalistic fit, providing a firmer grip strength. The sides of the gloves are made from spandex, which stretches and accommodate hand size.

The spandex mesh also provides airflow and ventilation, which prevents sweat from accumulating. There are four color combinations available for your styling options. The product usually ranges from $19 to $25 in the price range with a few exceptions, and at specific periods, the return option will be available for a month or more. The slender weight of the gloves provides easy slip-on whenever required.


  • The spandex mesh provides ventilation to the hands. 
  • Affordable and lightweight, perfectly suitable for beginners.
  • Padding provides cushioning and grip strength.


  • The company can provide a velcro strap in the wrist cuffs to lock in the gloves more tightly.


top 10 motocross gloves

Best Of All

  • The gloves are available from the sizes Small to XXL and are unisex. They can also be substituted as cold weather gloves due to their covering. This product is suitable for riders who practice in cold conditions.

The lightly insulated palms and fingers are responsible for protecting against cold weather. There is a 100% graphic logo imprinted on the first two fingers that provide style and texture. The cuffs of this product are pull-on to offer a comfortable fit and protection from the cold.

The gloves are waterproof, so dirt biking gets more comfortable, and it’s no-fuss to wash them afterward. The conductive index finger and thumb are touchscreen capable, so no need to remove the gloves during harsh conditions. The silicone printed palm provides a firmer grip and resistance to cold weather, allowing you to ride stress-free in extreme conditions.

There are two colors to choose from, and the price of these gloves are $45 on certain conditions regarding size and taxes.


  • Touchscreen capability makes it easy to use your smartphone.
  • Waterproof and cold weather resistance makes it ideal for use in a harsh and cold climate.
  • Silicone printed palm provides a firm grip.


  • A velcro strap could be provided to adapt the cuff size of lesser sized individuals.

10. Fox Racing

top 10 motocross gloves

Worth Buy

  • The gloves were released six years ago, and they have maintained an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 with a total of 350+ reviews. There are silicone printed fingers for added grip and protection from bruises and cuts.

The gloves have armored knuckles that provide resistance to oncoming objects that the trail throws at you, and the padded palm is touch screen compatible and provides cushioning and extra grip. The palms also provide comfort due to their flex-point technology.

The neoprene cuffs provide comfort to the wrists, and the hook and loop feature allows for a secure fit. The hand material is made of nylon to ensure durability, breathability, and maximum comfort while riding. These gloves usually cost around $40, depending on taxes and delivery. The gloves are unisex and are perfect for entry-level bikers who are just getting into the hobby of riding. Both men and women can use the product.


  • Armored knuckles protect from cuts and bruises.
  • Padded palm is touch screen compatible and provides cushioning and grip.
  • Neoprene cuffs with hook and loop features ensure a tight-fitting of the gloves without slipping off.


  • There are only one size and one color available; otherwise, no detectable defects are present.


Finding gloves for motocross or dirt biking is easy; you just need to determine a few factors. You need to be sure of what you’re looking for, your budgetary restrictions, your style preference, your size, and the company you refer to. Complete beginners guide various product reviews, youtube videos, and their biking friends to know what they should buy.

The features to consider when buying gloves include your size, preferred company, color, grip strength, padding, velcro straps for comfortable fitting, and optionally water resistance, cold protection, sweat resistance, and touch screen capability. Many companies provide all of these qualities in a pair of gloves, but they are hard to find.

Consider looking at the local market for the price of gloves and then looking at websites online to find the pair suited for you. If you’re a veteran in the field, you will know what to buy based on your experiences. Trust your instinct. Please remember to compare your choices and select products that are well suited to your lifestyle. Make various choices and then decide among them, rather than pouncing on a right reviewed product.

Also, be on the lookout for warranty phases and return policies. Companies often provide a replacement in case there is a defect. Since we are only buying gloves, the return phase might be less lasting, but it’s worth a shot.

We hope you decided on what to buy after taking a look at this list of top 10 MotoCross gloves and their pros and cons. Good luck!