10+ Best Opera Evening Gloves 2022- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

You have put on a gorgeous gown and have worn matching accessories, yet you feel unsatisfied. Relatable? If yes, opera gloves may have been what you missed! This article is for all the opera gloves lovers and all those who have been missing it all these years. Here, we will give you an idea about the 10 most opera evening gloves you could find online.

Opera gloves ruled the fashion industry in the 1950s, following World War 2. It was a symbol of the upper class back then. But today, having done with the class systems long back, these gorgeous garments are paired with gowns for prom nights, formal evening parties and of course weddings. 

These gloves have always remained in the fashion world, even if their popularity may not have remained consistent throughout the decades. Following the hype in the 50s, it remained a silent presence till the late 90s and the early 2000s when it made a comeback ( remember Julia Roberts’ beautiful pair of opera gloves in Pretty Woman?). And Vogue predicts that this masterpiece is going to hit the top again in 2021. So grab yourself a pair before it goes out of stock!


Solo Classe Italian Leather Gloves

  • Solo Classe offers hand stitched opera gloves made in soft kidskin. These gloves are made in Italy and exported in beautiful gift boxes.
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DooWay Velvet Gloves.

  • DooWay’s velvet opera evening gloves are made with authentic Italian velvet. The velvet is stretchy and flexible and so fits perfectly on every arm giving it a slimmer and sharp look.
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KIMOBAA Leather Gloves

  • KIMOBAA opera gloves are made with real sheep leather that provides a soft and supple comfort. The material is flexible and durable and sits perfectly and elegantly on your arms.
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Fratelli Orsini Leather Gloves

  • Fratelli Orsini offers a range of opera gloves that are made with lamp skin leather and lined with 100%  pure Italian silk.
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‌Nappaglo Leather Gloves

  • Nappaglo opera gloves are made with pure lambskin leather and are fully lined with soft fleece. These gloves are available in five different colours to match your outfit.
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Warmen Opera Gloves

  • ‌Warmen opera gloves are made with the supple Nappa leather and suede leather. It comes in four different sizes. These black gloves goes well with any outfit.
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Vemolla Evening Gloves

  • Vemolla’s long opera evening gloves are made with 100% real sheepskin. They also have an inner fleece lining to keep your arms warm.
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Yiseven Lambskin Leather Opera Gloves

  • Opera gloves offered by ‌Yiseven are made of real lambskin. The lambskin leather gives these gloves soft and supple feel while keeping your arms protected against the harsh weather. 
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 ‌Ambesi Fleece Lined Opera Gloves

  • Ambesi opera gloves are made with high quality Italian lambskin leather that is soft and supple to touch.
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Finiluo Leather Opera Gloves

  • Finiluo Opera evening gloves are made with genuine sheepskin leather. These unusually long gloves that almost reaches up to the armpit have some ruches in the top arm area, giving it a stylish look.
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Best Opera Gloves, 2021

Once a symbol of the upper class women, this garment is now accessible and affordable for everyone. Whether it is accessorized with matching rings and bracelets or is let to shine on its own, these gorgeous articles always grab attention. 

The trend of opera gloves has been set again by none but the queens Beyonce and Rihanna. Apparently, now Hollywood is obsessed with it. So you may want to get a matching pair of these gloves to pair with your favourite gown you would wear after this covid situation ends.

If you would like to give your outfit a classy look and a classic touch, get ready to be overwhelmed by the following list of 10 most gorgeous opera gloves you would find online. Direct links for shopping are also given so that you do not run out of patience trying to find it.

1. Solo Classe Italian Leather Gloves

  • They are made with lamp skin leather that are tanned in Italy and lined with 100% Cashmere or silk. These gloves are therefore soft to touch besides being an elegant wear.

They are available in three colours – white, black and dark brown. These neutral shades will go with almost every colour and you can be the star of the night.

They fit perfectly and are available in different sizes for every hand. It does not restrict hand movement, so you may hold things with confidence in these gloves. Besides, their resemblance to the traditional opera gloves give them a vintage look.


  • They are made with soft kidskin leather of good quality.
  • They are lined with 100% Cashmere or silk.
  • They are available in three different shades.


  • The leather gives out strong odour.

2. DooWay Velvet Gloves.

  • They are cheaper than leather opera gloves but are as elegant and classy as their expensive counterparts. Besides, velvet works on touchscreens, so you can use your mobile phone without any trouble.

These gloves are available in a variety of colours, so you can get the exact shade that best suits your evening gown. You need not worry about sweaty arms either because these gloves are thinner than most other evening gloves.

These velvet gloves pair well with almost every gown pattern. They are modelled on the classical opera gloves, so they have a vintage look which will greatly compliment your favorite outfit.


  • They are affordable.
  • They are made with stretchy velvet that sticks perfectly to your arms.
  • They are available in a variety of colors.


  • They are available only in a single size.

3. KIMOBAA Leather Gloves

  • Their fingers are designed to fit well to reduce chances of it slipping down. This, along with its anti-slip gripping ability allows you to hold things firmly without the fear of it slipping down.

These gloves have a fleece inner lining that will keep your arms protected from cold outside. They are specially designed to cause no trouble even during outdoor activities. This product is made windproof especially for this purpose.

They are available in a number of colours to meet your colour requirements and in four different sizes to ensure a comfortably experience.


  • They are made with real sheep leather that are soft to touch, flexible and durable.
  • They are wind proof.
  • They are available in four different sizes.


  • They are expensive

4. Fratelli Orsini Leather Gloves

  •  These gloves are handcrafted by their master glovemakers following traditional Italian techniques. This product is a desirable blend of modern and traditional elements, giving it a very elegant appeal.

They cover nearly up to shoulders, with 16 buttons running the length of every glove. 

These hand stitched gloves are created to fit perfectly on your arms, and they do not come off quickly. The material used is soft and supple that ensures a pleasant experience. They are of the right thickness and comes in 6 different sizes.

These opera gloves are some of the most popular ones in the market, mostly for their elegant, traditional appearance and their durability. So if you are looking for a traditional pair of opera gloves that lasts long, then these are the right ones for you.


  • They are made with pure lambskin and are lined with 100% pure Italian silk.
  • They are durable.
  • They are soft and supple to touch.


  • They do not have wrist buttons that are characteristic of traditional opera gloves.

5. ‌Nappaglo Leather Gloves

  • These hand made gloves are lined fully with soft fleece that lends it a soft and supple feel. The fleece also contributes to keeping your arms warm.

They have applied Nano technology that makes them touchscreen sensitive. So you can use your smartphone without troubling to take your gloves off. 

This product fits perfectly on your arms thanks to the delicate Nappa leather and their brilliant design. These gloves that do not differ much from traditional gloves have modern features to give you a comfortable experience.


  • The soft fleece lining feels supple and keeps your arms warm.
  • They are touchscreen sensitive.
  • They are made with high quality lambskin


  • They are quiet expensive.

6. Warmen Opera Gloves

  • The Nappa leather which is one of the major components of this product gives it a soft and supple feel, so that it sits smoothly against your skin.

Durability is another quality of this material, so you can expect it to survive a good number of years. These gloves have satin lining that makes them more soft and cozy. And they are made touchscreen sensitive.

This product, again is a perfect blend of traditional elements with modern features that gives you a vintage look without compromising on modern requirements and expectations.


  • They are made of good quality Nappa and suede leather. 
  • These gloves are durable
  • They are soft and supple.


  • They are not effective warmers.

7. Vemolla Evening Gloves

  • The inner fleece lining also takes part in pampering your arms by being very soft and supple. They also keep your arms warm during uncomfortably cold or changeable weathers.

These bold gloves which are available in 5 different sizes can be paired with evening gowns, jackets and coats. The firm suture line and tough stitching of these leather gloves not only ensure perfect fit, but also add to the comfort of these. These gloves are definitely some of the most comfortable ones you will get your hands on. They also offer free replacement or refund if you are not satisfied with their product.


  • They are made with sheepskin leather of high quality.
  • The fleece inner lining provides a warm and supple comfort.
  • They promise free replacement or refund.


  • They are not compatible with touchscreen. 

8. Yiseven Lambskin Leather Opera Gloves

  • These opera gloves do not share much resemblance with classical opera gloves. On the other hand there is a modern twist to the traditional elements, giving it a bold and interesting appearance.

You can decide the length of these gloves depending on the situation, because they can be ruched down when you prefer shorter version. 

This product is compatible with touchscreens so you can freely use your phone without getting your hands out of the gloves. They have gone a step further with touchscreen compatibility – the whole fingers and palm area are made sensitive in this respect.


  • They are compatible with touchscreen.
  • 100% real lambskin is used.
  • They can be worn long or short.


  • The odour of leather may last for quite a few days.

9.  ‌Ambesi Fleece Lined Opera Gloves

  • These opera gloves are a bold departure from the traditional ones, especially because they are zip up gloves. This gorgeous product comes in the classic black colour.

These gloves are machine sewed and hence have a neat look with almost invisible seams. The lambskin leather which is of superior quality fits perfectly and also adds softness to the gloves. They are excellent warmers and keeps your arms warm during cold winter nights. 

This pair of gloves are comparatively easy to wear and remove, thanks to the zip up feature. All these factors make this product one of the best of its kind for busy women.


  • The lambskin leather warms your arms in cold weather and also gives them a soft comfort.
  • The zip up feature makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves. 
  • They are machine sewed and are hence neat with almost invisible seams.


  • These gloves are shorter than the usual opera gloves.

10. Finiluo Leather Opera Gloves

  • The polythene interior also adds to the comfort by giving it a soft and plush feel. All together, this shiny black accessory is an absolute beauty to look at and a pleasure to wear.

This product which is available only in black colour, comes in four sizes. The sheepskin leather firmly attaches the gloves to your arms. They may feel slightly tight during the initial few uses, but after that it will adapt to your arm, fitting firmly and comfortably against your skin. 


  • They are made with genuine sheep leather.
  • They are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • They come in different sizes.


  • They are available only in a single colour.

Buying Guide

Just wearing a pair of opera gloves gives you a change of attitude and a renewed definition to your outfit. It is a wonder how this small but elegant garment can make such a huge difference to, say, a rather boring outfit. 

The opera gloves were a must for women back in the previous century. It was symbol of formality. But today we pair it up even with casual clothes. The latest opera gloves adapt to the requirements of modern women, which is not limited to elegance and beauty. 

The brands discussed above are the best in the market. However, it is not easy to choose one from the list. To make a clear choice, one must be aware of the distinct features of gloves of each brand and also should have a clear idea about what their requirements are. So here is buying guide for you read before you decide what to purchase.


Conventional opera gloves reach at least your mid bicep. Traditionally a glove with 16 buttons spaced in 22 inches long clothe was considered as a formal evening gloves. But today, we find the length of opera gloves varying from elbow to shoulders. 

Opera gloves are usually preferred long, reaching  mid bicep. And this varies from person to person. For people who are petite, a 16 or 17 inch long pair of gloves will do. Meanwhile, taller people may need 22 inches long pair.

The length you choose should also depend on your outfit. Long gloves are gorgeous with short sleeves or sleeveless outfits, while if your outfit has long sleeves that covers most of your upper arm, shorter gloves will look better.


Traditional opera evening gloves were made of leather. Specifically sheepskin or goatskin leather. But today they are made with other materials like satin and velvet, besides spandex, elastane, etc. besides leather.

If you want a vintage look, then you should go for the leather gloves. But they may be more expensive than other materials. If you are ready to sacrifice the vintage look for the sake of your pocket, then satin and velvet are the right ones for you. Whatever the material may be, these gloves never fail to attract attention.


Opera Gloves are available today in different contemporary designs. So you can choose from a long list of distinct modern  designs if you want to keep it stylish. But if you are looking for an elegant pair of gloves, you may have to go for a simple opera gloves adorned possibly only with buttons on the wrists. 


Opera gloves are available in a wide range of colours though the most common ones are black, white and off white. Your outfit and gloves must perfectly compliment each other. But, if both are tastelessly paired, it could be a disaster. So one must consider the colour of their outfit while choosing the colour of the gloves. Gloves of lighter colours go well with outfits of lighter colours. And black gloves go well with almost all dark shades. Blending of light and dark colours is a risky business, but if you could do it well then they may turn out to be a masterpiece.


Opera gloves today do not have any fixed definition, except of course it’s length. So you may find a lot many types of opera gloves in market, like crocheted, fingerless, lacy and even Gothic which is a definite departure from the coy traditional ones. So if you want to experiment with style, you may become overwhelmed by the number of types of opera gloves that are available online.


Opera gloves have always be one of the favourite accessories of women. The elegance and grace of these special gloves cannot be replaced. And more often than not, formal gowns are incomplete without these. 

Even though, their glorious period ended with the 50s and 60s when they used to be a compulsory wear rather than a choice, they still appeal to teenage girls and women. Like every other garment, these gloves have undergone significant changes in style and features. Modern day opera gloves differ significantly from their traditional counterparts in many respects because they have adapted modern features to satisfy the requirements of modern women. This is exactly what makes these articles of clothing a perfect blend of traditional and modernity.