Best Running Gloves 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you are willing to stay fit and want to start somewhere, running might be the perfect choice for you. It keeps you healthy and refreshed.

Many runners opt for running gloves and seldom get confused with the various options in the market. It is quite simple to consider all that you require in your runner’s glove to protect your hands and provide additional features by looking at how it benefits you.

A runner might want to change a song they are listening to, which would require a technology through which they can access their mobile while wearing the gloves. 

It needs to be breathable so that the glove remains cool and dry and does not stink of sweat. Flexibility, comfort, color variations, size choices, the material used, and texture are essential features that one must look into before purchasing a running glove.

Consumers would always want to save more from their purchase, so it is of utmost need to buy a product that offers features that come in a great range. One will not want to invest in a non-durable glove either. This article will help better understand the best running gloves you would wish to purchase.

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Arc’teryx Venta Mitten

  •  It is ideal for a lot more than running, such as cross country skiing or snowshoeing. It is a thin fabric that is breathable and will keep you warm alongside making you comfortable in its lightweight feature.
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TrailHeads Running Gloves | Lightweight Gloves with Touchscreen Fingers

  • It is lightweight and fits against your hand, feeling like a warm hug in the cold. It comes with a breathable material that ensures you a cool and dry experience with your running glove.
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Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove Touch Screen Compatible Design for Men and Women

  • The Smartwool liner gloves are the best lightweight and aesthetic looking gloves that suit all your tracking attires. They keep you warm and ensure durability and comfort.
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Black Diamond Wind Hood Gridtech Gloves and Cooling Towel Bundle

  • It is rare to find a running glove with all the features you need and an authentic style. It is windproof and water-resistant and offers an exclusive design that blends with any tracksuit you plan to wear.
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New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen Warm Running Gloves, Anti Slip Men’s and Women’s Winter Gloves

  •  The New Balance running gloves are incredibly stylish and blend in with all your running tracks. This product is lightweight and ensures that the glove doesn’t feel like an additional burden with all the extra clothing.
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SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Knitted Glove

  • The SEALSKINZ has introduced a pretty ordinary looking knit glove. But the SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Knitted Glove is no typical glove. The glove’s inner layers keep your hand warm, while the outer layer adds to the glove’s overall durability.
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Zensah Smart Running Gloves with Touch Screen Feature

  • The Zensah Smart Running Gloves are designed to provide you comfort and make handling things while wearing the gloves more comfortable for you. It comes with a metallic-like fabric on their fingers that registers touch and makes them touchscreen-friendly.
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Under Armour Convertible Reactor Glove

  • The Under Armour Convertible Reactor Gloves come with unique bonded fleece construction with dual-layer fabric between fingers to enhance the gloves’ breathability and keep your hands warm at all times, without adding any extra weight to your hands at all.
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Mammut Astro Gloves

  • The Mammut Astro Gloves are a pair of lightweight gloves that are perfect for you to put on and go for a run through cold, gusty winds.
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Gore Unisex R3 Gloves

  • This lightweight pair of running gloves are a fantastic option for chilly days. The stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric combined with reflective detailing makes them an excellent choice for early-morning or late-evening runs.
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10 Best Running Gloves:

1. Arc’teryx Venta Mitten



  • The glove is waterproof and windproof. Its polyester lining ensures that the cold shell does not bother your hand. There will be no residue from the frigid climate on your glove.

It has a GORE-TEX INFINIUM, which ensures that your glove is comfortable to wear and does not feel too heavy on you. It provides that you feel warm from inside. While you chase your fitness goal while running, it ensures that you are protected from the cold, and it also allows you to use your mobile phone in case you need it because it comes with a touchscreen compatible feature. 

This running glove comes with premium quality material and ensures effective performance. The cuff and sleeves configuration makes things easier for the runners because it fits and snugs as per need. The glove has elastic material on the wrist that enables easy on and off for the runner consuming less of their time.


  • It is breathable.
  • It has a touchscreen sensor.
  • It has a TPU palm reinforcement. 


  • The performance of the touchscreen sensor could be better. 

2. TrailHeads Running Gloves | Lightweight Gloves with Touchscreen Fingers



  • This product gives you the benefit of a waterproof feature, which is a must-have in your regular running gloves. This glove is a blend of nylon, spandex, and polyester making it light and durable.

If you are looking to wear a glove that keeps you warm while giving you the best look, then this stylish black glove is perfect for you. You need to purchase a rain-resistant glove, for you do not want a glove to feel wet due to a little rain. 

It comes with a moisture-wicking technology where the spandex prevents the material from soaking the sweat, ensuring that you do not feel cold. It would be best to purchase a glove that comes with a conductive fabric allowing you to access your touchscreen phone with your thumb and forefinger, which gives you that perk.

 It provides a double layer cuff that ensures stability and durability. The product has been trail tested and gives you a guaranteed performance, which can assure you about the great experience that awaits you. You can wash the glove in a machine after you run. 


  • It has a double layer cuff.
  • It is trail-tested and guaranteed.
  • It is rain-resistant.


  • It is not wind-resistant.

3. Smartwool Merino Wool Liner Glove Touch Screen Compatible Design for Men and Women



  • They come in different colour choices and each a simple shade that goes with most attires. This product is a blend of 46% Merino wool. 8% elastane and 46% acrylic.

It does not restrict any movement and gives you an effortless flow during your running trails. It regulates the temperature and provides for the best experience for the user.

The runner will accommodate these gloves well because they keep the user warm during cold and relaxed during a more moderate temperature. The glove’s acrylic quality makes sure that the glove is knit with a stretchable and more flexible element. This material is of high quality, and the antimicrobial wool is used to ensure that the fabric is safe against the skin. It is affordable in comparison, keeping in mind that this running glove comes with touchscreen compatibility in the forefinger and thumb. 

It is breathable, and that is why one can be sure to wear it and not feel heavy or too hot—the glove snugs against the wrist to fit it better on the user. It can be washed in the machine.


  • The glove has an antimicrobial fabric.
  • It is washable by machine.
  • It has touchscreen compatibility.


  • It has no pads for fingertips.

4. Black Diamond Wind Hood Gridtech Gloves and Cooling Towel Bundle



  • These gloves are stretchable and keep your arm warm, beat any climate, and are perfectly comfortable. They provide extra coverage and confidence to go out for a run in extreme weather. 

You want a running glove that will keep in mind the smallest of details. This black diamond glove ensures that they satisfy all your needs.

Running makes the body feel a little warm, but we need fabrics to prevent any shivers that might result in catching a cold. It isn’t easy to find genuinely great gloves for larger hands, but this product is famous for its quality and size variation. The best athletes are known to love the gloves from this brand. A runner’s glove needs a premium quality material to ensure durability because one does not want to invest your money on a glove every year. This product is lightweight and does not feel like a burden on the user.

We have to wear so many extra materials to cover ourselves to tackle the weather, so we would not want to do the same with our gloves. It also comes with touchscreen compatibility.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It gives better coverage.
  • The product is win-proof and water-resistant. 


  • The touchscreen facility could be better.

5. New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen Warm Running Gloves, Anti Slip Men’s and Women’s Winter Gloves



  • The material is of the highest quality because it combines 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, and 240 GSM. This unbelievable quality of the fabric makes it smooth and comfortable to wear.

It is flexible and snug around the wrist, providing optimum satisfaction and confidence to the runner. It gives you control over yourself and offers the perfect grip with its Palm grip feature. The running love has antimicrobial properties making it safe and ready to use for all time. You need not worry about washing or cleaning it continually. This hassle-free experience comes with a touchscreen compatible technology that enables you to use your mobile phone while running, checking for any notification, or counting your google steps. 

It has a moisture-wicking feature and a reflective swatch. You will not feel restricted in this product. The running gloves ensure warmth and make sure that it does not soak in the sweat, making it too cool for you. 


  • It has moisture-wicking technology.
  • It has a reflective swatch.
  • It is a combination of spandex and polyester.


  • The touchscreen feature could be better. 

6. SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Knitted Glove



  •  Featuring a three-layer construction that keeps you dry and warm no matter the weather, the SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Knitted Glove is one of the best running gloves that you can get your hands on.

The glove comes with a waterproof membrane that is expertly sandwiched between an outer layer of 96.5% Nylon and 3.5% Elastane and an inner layer consisting of 84% Merino Wool, 14% Nylon, 2% Elastane that protects your hand against water.

The inner and outer layers make the glove feel a little crinkly, but that makes it more comfortable than a regular waterproof glove, which feels suffocating on your hands. The gloves make sure to enhance your grip and control while you wear them with unique Silicone printed palm and fingers, which gives you a firm grip over everything.

While the SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof All Weather Knitted Glove keeps your hands dry and comfortable, they also come with various other features. It features touchscreen-friendly fingertips on the index finger and thumb that make it much more convenient for you to use the gloves and operate your phone. The gloves come with a high stretch construction that provides a supportive and comfortable fit and offers an excellent motion range.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It comes with a three-layered design that provides warmth, durability, and waterproofness.
  • It is touchscreen friendly.


  • It is a little expensive.

7. Zensah Smart Running Gloves with Touch Screen Feature



  •  The gloves feature an innovative Silicone palm on each glove, making it sticky and enhancing your grip on anything, making it easier for you to handle things while wearing the glove.

Zensah is pretty well known for its calf sleeves and compression socks. But the company also does a fantastic job of making effective and efficient running gloves. The Zensah Smart Running Gloves are one of the thinnest running gloves that you will get. Because of its thinness, it might not do a great job when the winds start running wild, but the gloves will get you through chilly mornings or early in the season.

The touchscreen-friendly material is an extremely convenient feature since it makes it way more comfortable for you to access your phone without taking the gloves off.

The gloves come with a unique 4-way proprietary stretch Zensah fabric that boosts the gloves’ breathability and makes sure to keep your hand dry and comfortable at all times. It also comes with a microsuede thumb to wipe your nose, made of 82% Polyamide and18% Elastane. The gloves also come with reflective stripes on the fingers that enhance visibility and make sure any oncoming person or vehicle is aware of your position, making it one of the safest choices for you to wear when you go for a run.


  • It is touchscreen-friendly.
  • Its reflective stripes add to your safety.
  • It is very breathable and comfortable.


  • The gloves might not keep your hands warm when the winds start howling.

8. Under Armour Convertible Reactor Glove



  • The Gloves feature a ColdGear Reactor lining that adapts to your activity level and provides adequate breathability & warmth for whatever you’re doing. The gloves also provide extended wrist cuffs for extra warmth & a snug, comfortable fit.

Under Armour has executed a fantastic job of making the perfect running gloves that you can take to accompany yourself on long runs to keep your hands warm and comfortable. The gloves are constructed expertly with a blend of 89% Polyester, 7% Nylon, and 4% Elastane. It makes sure to keep your hands warm and protect you from the elements as you run with its lightweight hood that can be stashed within your glove or pulled over your finger for whenever you require them, without adding any extra weight to the gloves.

Silicone traction patterns cover each gloves’ palm, providing you with superior grip and boosting your confidence to hold things with your gloves on. The glove also comes with tech touch print on the thumb and fingers, making it possible for you to operate your phone without taking your gloves off quickly. Reflective UA logo, taping & image over the hood increases safety & visibility during low-light training.

The gloves repel and protect your hands from rain and snow with its UA Storm finish while keeping the gloves as breathable as always.


  • It comes with a lightweight hood that protects you from the elements you can put on whenever you need it.
  •  The extended wrist cuffs of the glove provide extra warmth and a snug fit.
  • It is touchscreen-friendly.


  • It is not very durable.

9. Mammut Astro Gloves



  • These easy to carry running gloves are lightweight and dry quickly. Strengthened with non-slip reinforcement on the palms, the Mammut Astro Gloves are sure to enhance your grip while you wear them.

These Gloves are not that effective when handling frigid temperatures since they have no real insulation within them. But the gloves do a fantastic job of keeping the warmth in once you break a sweat.

You can connect the gloves at any time with its handy connection hook. These gloves make it easy for you to operate your phone without needing to take your gloves off with their touchscreen-friendly fingertips. They come with a leather flap on them, making it easier to put the gloves on and take them off any time.

The gloves are sure to give you a comfortable and snug fit with their tight-fitting stretch cuff, which stretches over your hands and gives you a comfortable fit without causing any suffocation. The Mammut Astro Gloves use Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper material, which makes the running gloves windproof and breathable. The Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper material also repels light rain and keeps your hands dry and warm while you run, making them an ideal running glove for you.


  • It uses Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper material.
  • It dries very quickly.
  • The glove is sure to keep your hand warm through cold winds.


  • The gloves don’t have any real insulation within them.

10. Gore Unisex R3 Gloves



  • The Gore R3 gloves come with a flexible fit that’s true to size. They are somewhat thin but heavy enough to keep your hands warm on days when the temperature sits between 40-60 degrees.

If you want a pair of running gloves that provide your hands with comfort and warmth at a reasonable price, the Gore Unisex R3 Gloves are the best gloves you can get yourselves to wear on your runs. Unlike some other gloves, these running gloves have an extended cuff covering your wrist and part of your arms. The extended cuff ensures there’s no gap between the gloves and your sleeves – a problem that we often see with other running gloves. The reflective detail is suitable for low light conditions. 

The gloves are not waterproof, but they do an excellent job at wicking off moisture. So you will be relatively protected under light showers. This essential running glove offers you the basic features that you would need from a running glove.


  • It has a reasonable price.
  • It is perfect for chilly days.
  • It comes with reflective features.


  • It is not waterproof.


Running gloves are a vital piece of equipment that every runner must carry. It might not seem very serious, but when you’re running, you might be surprised as to how painfully cold your hands can get. Having a reliable pair of running gloves always helps. They make sure that your hands are warm and comfortable while you run and protect you from the elements as well. 

We have compared every detail and come up with the 10 best running gloves of 2022 that you can get to enhance your running capabilities and protect your hands from the elements and the weather as you keep running.