Best Waterproof Work Gloves 2022 – Review And Buying Guide!

We all need to work in harsh weather conditions one time or the other or maybe it is one of our daily tasks. If living in areas where temperature reaches negative, it becomes difficult to handle even easy tasks as your hands become numb and are unable to move.

Further, you might have to fix something that may require you to work in, around water. The only solution to his is a pair of waterproof work gloves. These not only keep your hands dry but let you work efficiently in water.

Not only that, some gloves provide insulation that stores heat inside. These keep your hands warm for comfort so the blood flow remains the same and does not restrict your movements.

It is an important gear to have in such conditions. Work gloves are designed to provide mobility to the hands primarily. Their only main function is to provide maximum comfort to your hands and improve your work efficiency while keeping your hands safe.

Here we bring to you, the best waterproof work gloves available on the market. Along with this, a detailed Buying Guide to help you understand the product better and make the smartest choice.

Image Product Detail Price

Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Waterproof Work Gloves

  • Ergodyne brings one of the top products in the list with many additional features at an affordable price. These are not only water resistant but also wind and weather resistant.
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    DS Safety Waterproof Work Gloves

  • DS Safety Waterproof Work Gloves are made of nylon. Nylon makes the gloves extremely flexible for movement. These take the shape of your hands naturally and are comfortable.
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Kaygo Waterproof Work Gloves

  • Kaygo waterproof work gloves have double coating of latex for its water repellant feature. Latex keeps the gloves waterproof and your hands dry. These work in wet and damp conditions alike
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Wells Lamont Waterproof Work Gloves

  • Wells Lamont gloves are fully coated with a waterproof layer. The latex coating is highly elastic and naturally takes the shape of the hand. The grip is built within the fabric and helps handle objects with ease.
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Yarn Spring Waterproof Work Gloves

  • The gloves are easy to clean and are durable because of the double layering. The material also makes the gloves abrasion free.
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Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Gloves

  • Carhartt is another very reliable brand delivering quality apparels for a long time. Their products have a wide range of variety and are trusted by customers for quality.
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Celsius Neoprene Gloves

  • Neoprene is a kind of synthetic rubber and hence is waterproof. Since the fabric itself is water repellant, no additional waterproofing has been done with the gloves.
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Youngstown Waterproof Performance Gloves

  • The gloves help in protecting your hands against cold and also keep them dry by eliminating moisture.
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Superior Winter Work Gloves

  • Especially made to work under cold weather, these gloves keep your hands warm and dry. It protects them from the cold and keeps them comfortable for your maximum efficiency.
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Perfect Curve Glove by Glacier Glove

  • Perfect Curve Gloves are 100% waterproof and the first choice if you have to work near/with water. The gloves are shaped according to your fingers. The pre-curved fingers give a natural fit to your hands.
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Best Waterproof Work Gloves 2020

Since you might not have much knowledge about these gloves, it is important that you first have some information about this in utmost priority. You might end up buying some gloves which are not waterproof or some which do not work in cold weather conditions, or some that provide insulation when you don’t want them to. It is better to get a concise list with product details and features so you know the product you are buying to the core.

It is certain to claim that time is the one precious thing we all are trying to save up on. We’d rather spend it in doing something productive than start researching from a basic level about a product we have to buy. To bring that problem to an end, we have curated a special list of the best Waterproof Work Gloves in the market. This will not only save your time but you will get to know your product better.

Here is a list of thoroughly researched products and a buying guide with each detail that might be of interest to you so you can make your decision comfortably.

1. Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Waterproof Work Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • The gloves are insulated and provide insulation for cold weather. It traps the heat to keep your hands warm and blocks the cold out.

An outer membrane has been used to act as a water-proof layer that also gives protection from the wind. The material used is suede for palm and fingertips to give a strong grip for handling objects. It gives flexibility to your hands for free movement. The tough fabric is durable for a long time and resists abrasion.

The lightweight gloves are not bulky and make movement almost natural and don’t feel heavy while working. The cuff has been extended for a better fit and makes the glove easy to ear and remove. Another additional feature is that it has a special thumb area for wiping sweat off. The thumb and index finger-tip are capable of using touchscreen devices for convenience.


  •   Lightweight and durable
  • Flexibility and capable of easy movement
  • Provides extra grip and touchscreen


  • Build for cold weather

2.     DS Safety Waterproof Work Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • This pair of gloves is packed with features and is very affordable. The inside lining is very soft and gives comfort at its maximum. This not only adds to productivity but also provides comfort.

The 2 layers of the gloves consist of smooth latex and the next layer on the palm and thumb for extra protection in cold and against water. They work equally well in all weather conditions. You can use these gloves to handle objects from damp to wet as they have a good grip.  Along with being waterproof, the grip of 2 layers lets you handle things in wet conditions also.

The inside lining is very soft and gives comfort at its maximum. The grip has been reinforced within the fabric and no extra additions have been made. These provide full dexterity to the hands and are not bulky to restrict movement.


  • Flexible
  • Reinforced grip in the fabric itself
  • Soft inside lining to keep hands warm


  • Traps moisture inside

3. Kaygo Waterproof Work Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • The grip is supplied by the natural latex layer that works equally well in wet and dry conditions. The inner lining is thermal for optimum heat insulation.

 It keeps your hands dry in low temperature. Thermal layer keeps your hands warm in cold weather and traps heat. The latex coating also helps with the insulation. The gloves cuff is elastic and fits the hands naturally and takes the wrist’s shape. This also prevents heat from escaping.

These waterproof gloves are ideal for cold weather conditions or cold places like cold storage etc. as it traps heat. Otherwise it accelerates moisture and sweat production and makes it uncomfortable.


  • Durable and elastic
  • Thermal lining for insulation
  • Elastic cuffs for better fit


  • Best to use in cold conditions

4. Wells Lamont Waterproof Work Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • The layers together work to give an abrasion-free feature to the gloves. The gloves are ideal for general work.

Wells Lamont is a trustable company and has been working for a long time to ensure people of the quality. These gloves are an economical and a good option to consider if working under normal weather conditions. These provide dexterity and flexibility to the hands and also have a strong grip. These are not gloves which provide insulation in the cold. So these are not ideally made for normal weather conditions but are widely used for all maintenance.


  •  Double coated layer
  • Elastic and flexible for free movement
  • Economical


  • Not to be used in cold conditions

5. Yarn Spring Waterproof Work Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • These waterproof work gloves also use double coating for optimum performance. One coating consists of blue nitrile which helps in keeping your hands dry.

The Blue nitrile layer keeps hands safe from liquids coming in contact with the hands. The palm of the gloves has a layer of black nitrile which supplies excellent grip for handling objects. The thick coating prevents damage by sharp equipment. It also protects the hand in cases of excessive work.

Since the gloves are doubly coated, they are durable and reliable. These tough gloves can be used for multiple purposes and are equally effective for all. Along with this, these are extremely inexpensive.


  • Double layer for waterproof and grip
  • Prevents cuts and abrasion
  • Tough and durable


  • Not very comfortable

6. Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Gloves


  • Fast dry technology eliminates moisture and sweat to give you a more comfortable experience. In addition to that, grip is reinforced separately using different technology in the palm and fingers.

These gloves are made of a mixture of materials. These are flexible and provide maximum dexterity even though they are bulky because of the insulation. The insulation is provided for easy work in cold weather conditions and comfort. The cuff has been made adjustable to give a good fit and the closure is provided by a strap. In all, the gloves protect your hands from cold and give a comfortable experience.


  • Separate grip for palm and fingers
  • Excellent insulation
  • Flexible and allows movement


  • Not true to size

7. Celsius Neoprene Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • The lining is made of fleece and does store heat to some extent. The palm is made to give a good grip so you can handle objects with ease without the fear of dropping them.

These are not made to work under cold conditions as they do not provide insulation. They are great to work in normal weather conditions. To give a final lock to the gloves they have a hook and loop strap which is elastic and gives a final lock to the gloves. All basic functions are fulfilled by this product. It is also very economical and durable for a long time.


  • Neoprene waterproofing
  • Good grip on palm
  • Hook and loop strip for anti-slip


  • Not for cold weather conditions

8. Youngstown Waterproof Performance Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • These gloves are made to be used for heavy work and are very tough and durable. Along with that, these provide mobility of the hand as work involves free movement.

Youngstown waterproof performance gloves are made up of a mixture of fabrics like neoprene, cotton and nylon. The waterproof function is possible because of neoprene and nylon while cotton keeps the gloves breathable.

It has triple layer technology that consists of a microfleece liner that keeps hands warm and comfortable, a waterproof and windproof membrane to work under cold conditions and an outer shell for durability. It also has an adjustable cuff for a better fit. In all, it is an excellent choice of product if you have a few extra bucks to spend.


  • Water and windproof layer
  • Inner lining of microfleece to keep hands warm
  • Durable and tough


  • Not be used in extreme cold conditions

9. Superior Winter Work Gloves

best waterproof work gloves


  • Quality insulate material has been provided to keep your hands warm and the outer tough layer protects the gloves from abrasion and cuts while working

A separate layer of polyurethane is present between the outer glove and the inner lining that keeps away dampness in winter. The grip is provided in the palms and the cotton on the back of the gloves gives breathability for comfort.

Applications of these gloves extend to a wide range from construction to cold storage facilities and many more. Since these gloves are insulating, the best performance is brought out in extreme cold conditions.


  • Insulating gloves for comfort
  • Breathable with cotton back
  • Keeps dampness away


  • A little stiff because on insulation

10. Perfect Curve Glove by Glacier Glove

best waterproof work gloves


  • The material used is tough and durable. These gloves work well even with harsh working conditions and rough work. The smooth palm design is attractive as a design and adds on to the gloves appearance.

Neoprene is the main element which provides the water proofing to the glove. The strap of the gloves gives a complete fit to your hands. It prevents the gloves from slipping and keeps them in place. Definitely a great buy if working in extreme cold. Along with being waterproof, these also deflect wind and keep your hands warm.


  • Water and windproof
  • Works well in cold weather
  • Provides comfort


  • No grip

Buying Guide

The list given above sums up a wide variety of products. We have given you the best of all types so you don’t have to worry about the large range and yet can trust the quality. From the most economical options to the best insulating and the most flexible gloves, this list contains all. The features have also been explained so it will be a pretty easy decision for you now.

Saying that, a lot of factors are yet to be considered before coming to a conclusion on the product. In fact, a buying guide is where you should begin your research with. The main factors that determine the features of these gloves are the material, flexibility or mobility, durability and insulation. Only after contemplating and giving a final thought to all these factors can you reach a final conclusion. Given below are a few factors which will help you in the path of making the correct choice for you.


1. Material

One of the first factors you should look into is the material of the gloves. You will find a wide variety from neoprene to rubber, nylon and thinsulate. These hold separate functions. Some gloves are made of a mixture of elements and you might get confused with the list. For the best waterproofing, one must look out for nylon, neoprene, rubber and latex. For insulation, fleece, thinsulate, and other warm materials can be found to be used in the gloves.

2. Dexterity

Since the work involves mostly movement, hand dexterity and freedom of movement is another necessity. Along with the waterproofing you must look into the mobility the gloves provide. The gloves will not be of any use to you if they restrict your movement and only provide surface functions.

3. Durability

Another major factor is durability. Work gloves tend to wear out early because of their extensive use. These are mostly used daily and for long hours in one go. Without maintenance and if low quality, you may find your investment to be a bad one. If your work involves intense exposure and harsh work, you must look into tougher materials that last long. If you have to replace your gloves every 3 months or so, it will only prove to be an inconvenience.

4. Budget

The most important factor of all is the budget. Probably the first thing you should consider before starting your research. Luckily these gloves come in a wide range and one has a lot of options to choose from. The cheapest ones on the spectrum provide the basic features and are good to go considering the quality. While on the other side lies gloves packed with additional features which might or might not be of use to you.

You can set a budget limit and find options under that. This way you will get a clear idea of what to expect when you go out to buy electrician gloves.

The list is endless but a look into the above few will give you an idea of what you will be looking forward to. This includes all the major factors you have to look into before concluding on the final product.


We have done a thorough research on the products and made this list of best waterproof work gloves available. There are a lot of options available but it is important that you look into a few things before making a buy. Each product has been given with all details necessary for your decision. Every product is listed with pros and cons and it’s features. The details and the list of pros and cons will make it easier for you to decide for the best product. After going through the products and the detailed buying guide, we are sure it will now be an easy decision for you.

With all the details given above, you have ample information by your side to make a quick decision. Only thing you have to keep in mind is that since gloves are used extensively, they require maintenance also. It is better to take care of your gear so they last long and work efficiently.