Best Welding Gloves 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Welding is part and parcel of the fabrication industry. Welders work round the clock with metals and tools that generate sparks and heat that can reach up to 5500 degrees Celsius in different instances.

This calls for the need for proper safety equipment to protect the welders from various health and safety hazards. Welding gloves are designed to protect users from electrical shock, burns, extreme heat, sparks, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation.

The gloves are crafted in such a way that they not only provide protection and comfort but also allows blood circulation to the hands, making the welders safe.

They also provide abrasion resistance and enhanced grip, among other features. A welder needs to choose the right pair of gloves that offer not only protection but also comfort. The following are the ten best welding gloves available in the market.

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Caiman Kontour 1878 Welding Gloves

  • Caiman Kontour 1878 Welding gloves are one of the longest welding gloves, at 23 inches and 21 inches. They are available in the market, offering full protection until the elbows with its gauntlet style adjustable ends.
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Lincoln Electric Roll Cage Welding/Rigging Gloves

  • Lincoln Electric Roll Cage gloves are one of the most expensive and stylish gloves available in the market. Made of premium high-grade grain leather, this pair of gloves offer top comfort and protection.
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RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves 

  • Voted Amazon’s Choice for High-temperature gloves, RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves are among the most preferred multipurpose welding gloves.
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Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 MIG Welding Gloves

  • Revco BM88L BSX BM88 MIG Welding Gloves are Revco’s star products. Used primarily for Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, these gloves are comfortable to use.
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KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves

  • KIM YUAN gloves are one of the highest quality welding gloves present in the market. The surface of the 16-inch gloves is made of full cow split leather, which makes the gloves heat-resistant, fireproof, puncture-resistant, cut resistant, and moderate oil resistant.
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Olson Deepak Heat-Resistant Welding Gloves

  • Voted Amazon’s Choice for the best women’s welding gloves, Olson Deepak gloves are made of premium leather, which guarantees its quality and longevity.
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Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

  • Lincoln Electric welding gloves are extremely tough gloves that are the best pair of welding gloves from Lincoln Electric. All the users have appreciated its sock-type lining, which adds to its comfort.
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NKTM Leather Welding Gloves

  • NKTM Leather Welding gloves are a pair of gloves which does not contain many features but still have multipurpose applications.
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US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

  • The US Forge 400 welding gloves are a pair of multipurpose gloves having a shorter length that other commercial welding gloves.
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Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

  • The Steiner 21923-L is the best welding gloves by Steiner. Especially designed for MIG welding, this pair of gloves is 23 inches long and offers 100% protection during welding.
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10 Best Welding Gloves

1. Caiman Kontour 1878 Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Comfortable One

  • Caiman gloves are designed with a curvature that fits the human hand, thus giving it a shape that offers the wearer maximum comfort and dexterity and gives the feel of a second skin.

t is carefully designed for overhead, stick, and plasma welding. The inner palm is crafted from American deerskin, and the rest of the gloves, including the heat shield patch, reinforced palm, cuff, and lean-on patch, are made of Boarhide leather. The stitches are sewn with 100% Kevlar thread, which has maximum seam strength, and hence it can withstand tremendous pressure. As the Kevlar thread is fireproof, the gloves are also suitable for handling fire objects.

 Available in large as well as in a universal size. It also presents proper finger alignment. There are very few gloves that fit the natural curvature of the hands. Its other features include a leather palm reinforcement for durability, a large leather pulse patch to protect the vital wrist area, which is all made of Boarhide leather, and an adjustable strap at the end. These gloves are a favorite among welders because of their ability to withstand extreme heat. However, it has been seen that not all parts of the gloves are flame resistant. Its universal size is also an issue with some who want a perfect or smaller fit.

2. Lincoln Electric Roll Cage Welding/Rigging Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Stylish One

  • The 315-degree Celsius rated hand and knuckle silicon reinforcements are the best in the market for protection from impact hazards and heat-resistance.

The internal padded palm liner is made of knitted cut-resistance Kevlar to withstand exposure to heat, splatter, sparks, or flame. The inside of the palm is reinforced with leather to improve the durability. The stitching is made of Kevlar to prevent tears and rips from day to day use.

The tightening Velcro strap ensures a perfect fit, and that is something missing in other Lincoln Electric gloves. One of the most significant plus points of this pair of gloves is that it comes in all sizes. The internal hard liner design is a boon to many as it makes the glove 100% cut-resistance. Despite the cost, this is a much-preferred heavy-duty welding glove.

3. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves 

10 best welding gloves

All Rounder one

  • RAPICCA gloves have Reinforced Double Layer Kevlar padding on fingers, elbow, inner and outer palm, making it incredibly heat resistant and the only brand with such a design.

 The gloves are made of four-layer heat resistance materials. The outermost layer is made of Reinforced Kevlar Double-layer padding; the second layer is made of Flame-retardant cotton; the third layer is made of a composite product by laminating a kind of high temperature resistant Air-isolated Aluminium Foil; the Inner layer is made of 100% soft insulated cotton lining. Its other features include Flame retardant thread stitching for advanced heat and cold resistance, sweat absorbance, breathability, and allergy-free materials. With these above features, the gloves can withstand up to a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius.  

The 16-inch gloves have a 7.5-inch sleeve to protect the forearms from any heat hazards. The outer layer is made of 1.5mm thick, soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather, making it heat resistant, puncture-resistant, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, and cut resistant. All the stitching is done using reinforced double leather, and its high strength sewing makes it durable and long-lasting.  The gloves have a universal size, which makes it not comfortable for some users. It is no surprise this is one of the most preferred welding gloves in the market.

4. Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 MIG Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Runner Up

  • Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar, the gloves can be used in extreme environments without the worry of wear and tear. 

The paddings on the inner palm and fingers are made from soft pigskin, and the outer areas of the gloves are made from sturdy cowhide, making the gloves both comfortable and robust, respectively. Two main reasons why Revco Welding gloves stand apart from the above gloves is that they are waterproof and are available in various sizes. Reinforcements such as DragPatch padded side reinforcement and RestPatch wrist paddings makes them more robust.

They have a simple design and have high dexterity. The thickness of the pigskin and cowhide makes them well insulated. These features make them suitable for welding and various other purposes, such as gardening, grilling, etc. However, a few customers have said that the gloves tend to be brittle after some time and do not last long. Nevertheless, it is one of the best gloves in terms of protection and comfortability.

5. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Money Efficient

  •  It has a hook design near the sleeves, making it easy to hang after use, thus not always misplacing it. Because of its versatility, this pair of gloves is well used in various industries. 

 The insides are lined with soft cotton, making the gloves breathable and absorbing the sweat produced inside. The cuffs are made of denim jeans, which makes the gloves durable and wear-resistant. The cow leather makes the gloves withstand up to 350 degrees Celsius and makes it a perfect choice for welding and other high-temperature works. 

With Reinforced Kevlar stitching, the gloves are more heat resistant and do not break with normal wear and tear. The palms are designed with reinforcements of cushion so that the wearer can pick up heavy and sharp objects with it. The wide area between the thumb and forefinger is made of durable Gunn cut, making it tough and the thumb movements comfortable.

6. Olson Deepak Heat-Resistant Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

A worth buy

  •  The gloves can withstand up to 350 degrees Celsius, making it a perfect choice for welding and other high-temperature jobs. Its low prices make it a huge steal.

 Its surface is made of cow split leather, which makes it durable, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, puncture-resistant, cut-resistant, and fire-resistant. The backside of the gloves is made of cowhide leather while the cuffs are made of canvas, which guarantees wear-resistance. The wide area between the thumb and forefinger is made of durable gun cut, making it highly fireproof and the thumb movements comfortable. The insides are lined with soft sweat-absorbent cotton, making the gloves extraordinarily comfortable and flexible to wear. It supplements the gloves’ performance in fire-resistance, heat-resistance, sweat absorption, and operational flexibility.   

The Fireproof Line Strength Sewing ensures the gloves’ durability and makes it less prone to wear and tear. Because of its various resistant features, these gloves can be used not just for welding, but also for other mechanical works, making them versatile. The only drawback of this pair of gloves is that, like most other gloves, it has only a single universal size and might not fit people with smaller hands.

7. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Tough One

  • Because of its strength and durability, Lincoln Electric Gloves are used for various welding and other high-temperature uses.

The exterior is made of 100% sturdy high-grade leather, heat, and flame resistant, while the insides are made of a heat-resistant soft cotton liner. The soft cotton liner and thumb design increase comfortability and finger sensitivity. The cuffs are made of twill cotton, which is moisture absorbent to improve comfort. The leather Thumb Strap increases durability and improves grip over large and sharp objects. All the stitching is made of Kevlar to prevent tears and rips from frequent uses and make it fire retardant. They are then reinforced with leather seams called welts to prolong the durability and strength. 

The drawback of this pair of gloves is that, like most other gloves, it has only a single universal size and might not fit people with smaller hands. The inside liners are not stitched and could come out with prolonged use. Nevertheless, this pair of gloves is still recommended because of their ability to work in high temperatures.

8. NKTM Leather Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Best of all

  • Made of premium cowhide leather, it has cow split leather from the back of the gloves until the cuffs, which gives maximum protection against sparks, flames, heat, and sharp and rough objects.

The reinforced fingers, palm, and back with double leather provide extreme heat-resistance, wear-resistance, and gloves firmer and softer. The durable Gunn cut around the fingers makes the gloves comfortable and fits perfectly around the fingers. The canvas cuffs with cotton liner are the best for heat insulation and absorbing sweat, thus creating comfortable wear.

The wide area between the thumb and the forefinger has been reinforced with a wing design for maximum flexibility. The pair of gloves is also abrasion-resistant, puncture-resistant, blade cut-resistant, and tear-resistant. The long cuffs are an added advantage. All these features have made NKTM gloves a fully versatile one. One of its main impacts is that despite all the above features, this pair of gloves is comparatively cheaper. Even though the gloves offer heat-resistance, it is not advised to keep the gloves in contact with hot objects for a prolonged time. Its disadvantage, like most other gloves, is that it comes in only one size.

9. US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Worth Buy

  • Made of premium quality leather with comfortable cotton liner on the inside, these pair of gloves are locked stitched for added protection and extended durability.

 The leather is tough enough to last long and can handle hotter temperatures. The gloves also protect the wearer from ultraviolet rays emitted from the equipment. The inside palms and fingers are reinforced with p, which makes them more durable and comfortable. The gloves are heat-resistant, tear-resistant, and wear-resistant.    

As the gloves come only in one size, the wearers have to be careful with the measurements as some of the users have reported it to be smaller than usual. Its length is shorter than the other gloves, which is yet another disadvantage. The paddings inside the gloves have made it a bit bulky, which has made the handling of smaller objects difficult. However, the seams are extremely durable, and the gloves are flexible even though they are thick and bulky. Being one of the rightly priced welding gloves, US Forge 400 has a lot of takers.

10. Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

10 best welding gloves

Premium One

  • Made of premium quality shoulder split cowhide, these gloves have ThermoCore foam insulation along the inner palm, fingers, and back for extra protection.

 The gloves’ insides are lined with cotton, and the thumb straps are reinforced and stabilized. Fire-resistant Kevlar thread is being used to create lock-style stitching, which increases the durability of the gloves. The seams have been enhanced with welts for creating extra protection and comfort.

The full arm design of the gloves offers extended frame-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and temperature-resistance. The gloves are lightweight, soft, and flexible due to their simple design and provide dexterity and durability to the wearers. Extra protection is in place for areas that come in contact with the heavy machinery. With standard pricing, this pair of gloves is a steal as it offers the same quality seen in other expensive gloves. However, though it comes in a universal size, it is best suited for people with large hands. Despite this, Steiner 21923-L is one of the most preferred gloves in the welding industry. 

Buyers’ Guide

What all factors have to be looked into while buying a pair of Welding gloves

Listing out the best welding gloves does not end the discussion. All the contributing factors that have to be taken into consideration before choosing the best welding gloves must be carefully analysed. As welding gloves come in different styles with unique features, a couple of things must be kept in mind before buying a pair.

  • Type of Welding and Material- Welding processes are mainly of three kinds: MIG, TIG, and Stick. Irrespective of the features, each of these processes requires a specific type of glove material. MIG welding produces a lot of heat compared to TIG, and they need gloves made of thick high-grade leather, like split cowhide, for example. It was also preferred if the gloves had more than one layer of material for extended protection. MIG welding gives out the most sparks, and thus it was preferred if the gloves are long. TIG welding does not require thick materials as they do not give out as much heat as MIG welding and can be made using standard leather, like goatskin, which promotes more movement of hands. TIG gloves need to be more like a second skin and require extra padding on the palm and fingers as TIG welding deals with hotter surfaces. Stick welding requires heavy-duty thicker gloves such as ones made of pigskin or goatskin as it generates the most heat. The gloves can be bulky as stick welding requires limited mobility. Fire-resistant fabrics are preferred for any of the three types of welding.  
  • Features- All the gloves offer various functions such as Kevlar stitching, Heat-resistance, Sweat Absorption, Flexibility, Comfort, Durability, Longevity, Cut-resistance, Tear-resistance, Wear-resistance, puncture-resistance as well as movability. Some of the gloves offer additional features such as extra Silicon protection for fingers, hooks to hang the gloves, Velcro straps, etc. These features are present in the gloves at various levels. It is always preferred to choose gloves that offer the maximum features while ensuring they are sturdy, long-lasting, and protect all the areas. Gloves having more than one layer can guarantee the above functions. The level of protection is always essential in the long run. Hand mobility is yet another feature that has to be well taken care of. Welding processes that require delicate movements need gloves that can guarantee such movements. The level of dexterity lets the users know how long the gloves would be with them. 
  • Size and Length- Size and length are specifically given here as it is essential while choosing the right pair of gloves. Only a few of the gloves have different sizes, as most of them have a universal size, which might not be comfortable for everyone. Measurements of the hand have to be taken in consultation with various guides to understand the glove’s right size. Same way, different gloves come in different lengths. Depending on the job and the level of comfort, gloves as long as 23 inches or short ones, such as the 14 inches ones can be chosen.  
  • Performance- The features, looks as well as the feel of the gloves can guarantee the initial stage of performance in the gloves. As most of them are multipurpose gloves, they would be used for not just welding. This means that the gloves go through a lot of wear and tear. Thus, gloves should have a long-lasting performance to go through these stages. Additional protection using Kevlar stitches, Silicon guards, Paddings, Elbow straps, etc., offers additional performance levels.

Which is the best pair of Welding gloves?

It is not easy to choose a pair of gloves without taking into consideration the above factors. However, if asked for a personal choice, I would select RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves. A multipurpose glove, its features of being heat-resistant, puncture-resistant, wear-resistant, cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant, etc., along with the unique four-layer materials, makes it one of the best welding gloves in the market.  

It is always a huge debate when choosing the best welding gloves, as it is more of a personal choice. This guide outlines the best welding gloves and helps users understand the factors to consider before choosing one.