Clean Boxing Gloves – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

We all love to punch and through a fist wearing an amazing pair of boxing gloves. But what we all hate is the stinky smell of boxing gloves that are worn multiple times. The hygiene of the boxing gloves is very important but it turns out that not many are familiar with the right method of cleaning boxing gloves and making them odour-free. Cleaning your gloves by a regular hand wash or a machine wash once a while is not only inefficient but can also reduce the life of them. After all, there’s a lot of sweat, dirt, bacteria and even blood on them.

So, to educate you about the steps you should follow in order to make your boxing gloves clean and odour-free we are here! Follow these instructions and you can save a lot of bucks that you were going to spend on replacing your old, stinky boxing gloves.

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Clean Boxing Gloves – Step by Step Guide

1. Wash your hands before every use

Wash your hands before every use

If you wear your gloves on dirty hands, all the dirt and sweat that is already on your hands is going to stick to the insides of your gloves. This will increase the rate of building of bacteria inside your boxing gloves. It’s better to wear boxing gloves on clean and dry hands as it will reduce the amount of sweating in your palms.

2. Hand wraps are a saviour

Hand wraps are a saviour

Wear hand socks or hand wraps before you ware your boxing gloves to reduce the accumulation of sweat inside your boxing gloves. The hand socks are known to absorb a lot of sweat, leaving your boxing gloves in better condition. Do not forget to wash the hand wraps or hand socks after every use. 

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3. Keep your boxing gloves dry

Keep your boxing gloves dry

When you are done boxing, remove your gloves and let them out to dry. A lot of bacteria and sweat is transferred from your hands to the boxing gloves. The stinky odour you get from your boxing gloves is due to the bacteria. Hence, it is advised to wipe the insides of your glove with a dry towel and let them out in the air after every use.

4. Spray some vinegar

Spray some vinegar in boxing

To kill all the bacteria present inside your boxing glove, use vinegar. Prepare a 50% solution of apple cider or white vinegar and spray some amount of it inside the boxing gloves. This solution is proven to disinfect as well as sanitize boxing gloves. You can also use this solution to clean the outsides of your gloves. Spray some amount of vinegar-water solution on the outsides of your boxing gloves and wipe it clean with a dry towel for best results.

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5. Anti-bacterial wipes/ sprays

Anti-bacterial wipes sprays

You can also use any anti-bacterial wipes available in the market to get rid of the bacteria that grow in your boxing gloves. You can also go for any of the anti-bacterial sprays for the same purpose.  

6. Hang the boxing gloves to dry

Hang the boxing gloves to dry

After disinfecting your gloves, again make sure they are out in the air to dry. Do not leave them in a dark and damp environment. You can hang them in order to dry them but keep your boxing gloves away from the sunlight especially if you have leather ones. Direct and prolonged sunlight can damage your boxing gloves and make them hard and stiff.

7. Quick methods of drying

If you are in a hurry or if your boxing gloves are not dried enough for use, you can follow the following tips.

  1. Newspaper stuffing– Stuff some newspapers balls inside your boxing gloves to get the moisture out of them. Newspapers will absorb the excess moisture from your boxing gloves and make them nice and dry.
  2. Blow drying– Blow-dry the boxing gloves if you are in a hurry and your boxing gloves aren’t dry. Make sure your blow drier is on the coolest setting as hot air can damage the material of the boxing gloves. Also, try to avoid blow drying your boxing gloves as it can damage them. 

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8. Baking soda: the ultimate deodorizer

Baking soda in boxing gloves

The best way to neutralize the odour of the boxing gloves is through sprinkling some baking soda inside the gloves and leaving it overnight. It is the easiest and safest method to get rid of the stinking smell of your boxing gloves. 

9. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oils

Spray some vinegar in boxing

Essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint will not only help you control bacterial growth but will also leave a pleasant fragrance that you will love. Try using these a few times every month as per your use and need. 

10. Change is the rule of nature

Boxing gloves hanging

No matter how much you spent on those lovely pair of boxing gloves, you have to say goodbye. It is suggested to change your boxing loves every 8-12 years. The time period can extend or reduce based on your frequency and duration of use.